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 Forum Rules

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Alexander Cristo

Posts : 17
Join date : 2010-04-29

PostSubject: Forum Rules   Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:32 pm

Rule number 1. No insane fighting. What I mean is causing a world wind of drama that ends up devouring the site. This isn't some sorority girls forum who hates someone because of their hair. I wont deal with it, and I am sure the rest of the staff wont either. Not everyone likes everyone, we understand this, but you will still play nice. If you dont like them, dont talk to them. Simple as that.

Rule number 2. No god modding. No attack is unblockable, undodgeable, auto-kills, and makes you breakfast all at once. It doesn't happen. You are not invincible, you will lose. There are others out there stronger then you. Accept it. If you are a 5 seat fighting a captain and they hit you with their strongest move, you cant brush it off like it was a fly. Even superman has a weakness, and even Yamamoto loses a fight. You god mod, then the people you rp will end up god modding, then the staff has to step in and we have to sort through piles of garbage rping all because one person started to pull power plays and once we find out who did it...oh lord.

Rule number 3. No double posting, you get an edit button. If you want to bump your thread back up to the top because it got some dust on it, tell a staff member and we will see what we can do. Double posting is spam, and I hate spam. So does the rest of the staff.

Rule number 4. You are unable to kill characters unless you have the given permission to do so by the characters owner. This will prevent the need for god modding as best as we can. Basically you just get beaten black, blue, and senseless. Now this however does not apply to events. You can die in an event thread. If so, your character is dead only until the event ends. Once it ends, he is back to life. Also he/she is alive in any non-event threads.

Rule number 5. If you wanna get your freak on in an RP, we cant really stop you. What we will do is move your thread to the mature board so that way people that dont wanna see it, dont have to. There will be a password to the mature board, ask a staff member for it. Once your age is confirmed by giving me your credit card number, social security number, address, and phone number then we will give you the pass and I will go out and buy myself a boat. No I am just kidding we wont ask for any of that stuff, we expect you guys to be honest. So be honest.

Rule number 6. So if you read the site plot, you will know all the captains/vc/cannon characters died. Yup dead. No ressurection, no random clone, dead and gone. Be original, its not hard and its more fun. Which would you rather play, a preset character whos abilities are gonna be copied anyways by a half a dozen people, or a unique creative character. Who is able to be completely different and new.

Rule number 7. If your character application has W.I.P. for more then 2 weeks without any work being done to it, it will be moved to the basket. Should you return and want it back, ask the staff and more likely then not we will return it to you and give you another two weeks.

Rule number 8. If you are not staff, do not post on peoples character applications. Its not your business, so keep your nose out of it. Its also not your problem so dont worry about it.

Rule number 9. Dont post spoilers in the xat chat. At all. If you are talking to a person about what happened and someone says, oh dont tell me I haven't read it then talk in pc. Be respectful. I can understand you talking with someone about what happened in this weeks chapter of bleach, but if someone says dont, then dont.

Rule number 10. Dont argue with the staff continiously. I understand presenting your case if you think the staff ruled incorrectly. It will be considered, we love our members. You guys give us something to do when we are bored. We will try to rule fairly but we dont always, we are human. We want to hear feedback. But if person X gets caught god modding and we tell them stop. Then X argues for 3 weeks about how we were wrong and starts cussing at the first he will just be yelled at. Should it can be pretty sure person X is gonna go away for a long time.

Rule number 11. Each person is allowed only one captain character per race. This means you can have 1 shinigami captain, 1 Caido Siete/horsemen and 1 Visored leader and such. This is to keep from one person running the entire site with their powerful characters.

Rule number 12. In addition to the previous rule, each person is only allowed to have one character per account. There will be a 5 character limit as well. This should ease your stress of having to use all of your character if you create 20. However, you are allowed more than 5 as long as you have head admin's approval. (Kenta or Ayumu)

Rule number 13. Put the phrase "the cake is a lie" at the end of your background history to prove to us you read these rules
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Forum Rules
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