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 Character Power system

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Kenta Takeshi

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PostSubject: Character Power system   Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:32 pm

To establish strength within a character, we have set up the following hierarchy of power so that people are not just rping forever. This sytem is as follows:

Here are all the levels with descriptions:

Very Low level: Weak/Average/Strong [VLL-W / A / S]
This is the lowest level of Reiatsu. Mostly people that have just begun spiritual training.
Examples: Humans who have yet to find their abilities, normal hollow, shinigami students.


Low level: Weak/Average/Strong [LL-W / A / S]
At this level the Reiatsu of your character has already developed itself to a Reasonable level, Your character is able to use Kidou and control their Reiatsu, your character will be able to use their special abilities better if they have any.
Examples: Humans who just discovered their power, larger hollow, shinigami that just gained shikai, class 3 vizards.


Middle Level: Weak/Average/Strong [ML-W / A / S]
This will be the most commonly seen Level, it's the average.
Examples: Humans that are skilled with their power, new arrancar, shinigami who have mastered shikai, class 2 vizards.


High level: Weak/Average/Strong [HL-W / A / S]
This is commonly known as the Captain level, this is a strong level that only strong characters will be graded with.
Examples: Humans who mastered their powers, ranked arrancar, shinigami captains, ranked class 1 vizards.


Very High level: Weak/Average/Strong [VHL-W / A / S]
A rank that is held for those who are truly gifted
Examples: Organization leaders

Very Very High Level: Weak/Average/Strong [VVHL-W / A / S]
A rank that is held for the gods of Bleach!
Example: Squad 0

VERY IMPORTANT: The examples are only examples and are not set ranks. Depending on a characters app quality and posting quality, even a shinigami with a mastered shikai can be a very low level. Same goes for those with less power but a better app. A shinigami without shikai but an amazing app could be mid-level. This all depends on your app.

These are guidelines for the sub-levels:
You're attacks are placed on a weaker end of the spectrum. You hit harder than those a tier below, but you have trouble fighting those above you.
These characters can stand up to those on both ends of their tier. While having more difficulty with Strong characters and less with weak characters.
This is the strongest class you can reach in one level. You can fight any level below you, and only have some sort of trouble with those ranked at Average.

NOTE: Just like with ranks, if a weak vs a strong it is not just a set battle. The weak still has a chance to win and battles such as these will be monitored. Also averages of one ranks are capable of beating weaks of the next up. Anything can happen so don't get discouraged from any fights.

The staff has established a point system to allow easier classification of your characters based on post, friends, days of membership, etc. These points go up by 1 for every post/friend/day since registration and 3 for every topic started. This points system will classify you into your different rankings such as VHL-S or VLL-W. A starting point will be based upon your character application however.

In order to avoid one-line posts to gain power points, the staff will be watching your threads to make sure that they are decent enough. However, we are aware that sometimes there isn't much to be said in a post so we will be lax over those situations.

The final bit of information before we get to the actual points; Points will only be gained through the rp boards. Not the OOC board, not the rules board, not the staff board. Just the main worlds, as well as the character creation boards. So, don't post a lot of threads in the OOC board and expect to receive a lot of points, it won't work that way.

Now, the points system is as follow:

0-99 Reiatsu- VLL-W
100-199 Reiatsu- VLL-A
200-349 Reiatsu- VLL-S
350-449 Reiatsu- LL-W
450-549 Reiatsu- LL-A
550-699 Reiatsu- LL-S
700-849 Reiatsu- ML-W
850-999 Reiatsu- ML-A
1,000-1,499 Reiatsu- ML-S
1,500-1,999 Reiatsu- HL-W
2,000-2,499 Reiatsu- HL-A
2,500-4,499 Reiatsu- HL-S
4,500-4,999 Reiatsu- VHL-w
5,000-6,499 Reiatsu- VHL-A
6,500-9,999 Reiatsu- VHL-S
10,000-14,999 Reiatsu- VVHL-W
15,000-19,999 Reiatsu- VVHL-A
20,000+ Reiatsu- VVHL-S

Now, I'm sure you're wondering "What do I do with all this information?" Well, this information will then establish the amount of stat points you can have, which are as follows:

100- VLL-W
125- VLL-A
150- VLL-S
175- LL-W
200- LL-A
225- LL-S
250- ML-W
275- ML-A
300- ML-S
325- HL-W
350- HL-A
375- HL-S
400- VHL-w
425- VHL-A
450- VHL-S
500- VVHL-W
550- VVHL-A
600- VVHL-S

Here are the attributes you have to spend SP on.

Kidō Mastery:
Shikai/Bankai control:

Kido Mastery:
Shikai/Bankai Control:
Mask Control:

Hollow Power Control:
Ressurection control:

Doll Mastery:

Adept Human
Powers Control:

Total SP:

Use your SP wisely!
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Character Power system
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