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 Character Abilities

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Kenta Takeshi

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PostSubject: Character Abilities   Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:15 pm

Alright, it seems there is a bit of confusion amongst what can or cannot be an ability as well as how many abilities you can have. First off, I would like to repost that there is a 3-4 ability max for your character, no more than that. If you have five, your character will be denied even if it is completely perfect. Now, for another confusion, you cannot say that you have an ability that gives you more abilities that are involved with it. We have had a few applications where they like to have branches of one ability. If you do this, each of those 'branches' will be considered an ability and will be denied on sight. Again, the limit is 3-4 abilities for shikai and 3-4 abilities for bankai, just in case there's question about that. Also, there is now a 2 elemental ability limit. However, this does not mean you can have fire and ice as an ability. This means, if you're going with fire, you need wind or electricity. The abilities must correspond with each other.

Now, there have also been a few issues as to what abilities are acceptable. In all honestly, they are all acceptable. However, some of the abilities will be slightly harder to be approved because they are god-moddish. For instance, illusions and poison abilities. We do have some illusion abilities and a poison-esque ability, however there are VERY strict limits to these. If you have an illusion ability, you cannot just bring it out of no where. There must be a limit of who, what, and how far it effect. Also, it'll make it easier if you have to actually land an attack before you can use an illusion ability. Otherwise you can be miles away and use your illusion to make them seem somewhere else, but you're right behind them and they can't see you.

For poisons, these are some of our strictest abilities. Mostly because people like to have abilities where they land an attack on their opponent and they slowly begin to die, or slowly begin to become paralyzed or have blurred vision, nervous break downs, etc. The list goes on forever. This is definately not acceptable. It pretty much ensures you an automatic win. However, if you instead put a post limit, not on how long until it takes effect, but how long it takes until the effects ware off. This way, if the mental break down goes away in about 2-3 posts, the battle can keep going and you will have weaken your opponent. Soi Fon's ability, in my opinion, is very similar to a poison. She hits you once, you're not affected. However, if she hits you twice in the exact same spot, you're dead. Now, that ability isn't really allowed here in the RP world because you'll never hit twice (no matter who you rp, they don't want an instant kill), but this is a very good example of an okay ability.

Now, just because I am giving you ideas that'll help with getting a taboo ability approved, don't go posting exactly this and expect it to get accepted. We will still read, analyze and study your application to make sure that there are no god-mods in there.
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Character Abilities
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