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 Zanpakuto Forms and Types

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Kenta Takeshi

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PostSubject: Zanpakuto Forms and Types   Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:20 pm

Okay, another Samu-original, with some reference to wikipedia so that I don't miss any facts. Here I wish to speak candidly with you all about zanpakutoh. Before we move on to types, let us talk about Zanpakutoh when they are sealed. Zanpakutoh take the form of regular katanas with some variations among individuals. In Soul Society they all seem to fall among these three categories:

Typical Styles:
1) Katana - These blades are the most common form of sealed zanpakutoh and tend to have uniform appearance except for the hilt. A katana is a slender blade with a moderate, smooth curve to the blade, a circular or square guard and enough room on the hilt to grip it with two hands. The blade tends to be at least 23 inches in length, or about 60 centimeters.

2) Wakizashi - These weapons are very similar in appearance to katanas, but they are shorter than katanas or kodachis. The blade falls within a 12 to 24 inch range. When there is a wakizashi, it is generally used to accompany a katana. When seen together, this pairing is referred to as a "Daisho" or "Large and Small."

3) Nodachi - These weapons tend to be much more difficult to wield. Their hilts are between 12 and 13 inches long and it is much heavier than a katana. It goes without saying that its cutting range and capabilty far exceed that of a katana.

Special Cases:
Asauchi -
Theis type of weapon is used by individuals who have not yet been able to communicate with their zanpakutoh. It is not simply a plain weapon, but it is reduced in power by an immense degree.

Disguises -
(((This is where I see a lot of liberties taken among Shinigami that ought not be taken.)))
It is possible for a shinigami to disguise his or her zanpakutohn as something beneath notice. We see both Urahara Kisuke and General Yamamoto do this, disguising their weapons as wooden canes. When they wish to release their zanpakutoh, they undo the disguise and call forth their zanpakutoh.

Urahara simply took the blade and placed it in a wooden hilt and a cane sheath. Yamamoto dissolves the wooden cane appearance to reveal his zanpakutoh, as well.

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Zanpakuto Forms and Types
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