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 Ayumu Kazuki

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Posts : 15
Join date : 2010-04-29

PostSubject: Ayumu Kazuki   Fri May 14, 2010 8:08 am


Basic Info

Name: Kazuki,Ayumu
Age: 17
True Age: 795

He wears black baggy jeans with a black belt with the strap hanging down a few inches. A black beater (A shirt) and a fitted baseball hat and his zanpakuto accross his back from left shoulder to right hip with the handel facing down towards his right side.
Ayumu has many tattoos across his shoulders, down his back and on his biceps some of these tattoos are tribal skulls,memorials to fallen comrades, and his zanpakuto spirit.


Ayumu is a bit clumsy when dealing with every day life due to his lack of fouces dealing with trivial stuff like walking. He also has a loose tounge and will sometimes blurt out his thoughts on matters with out thinking them through but when dealing with matters that call for his full attention he is top notch his fouces is restored but his loose tounge still remains.


Zanpakutou Name:
Zanpakutou Apparel:

Zanpakutou Spirit:

Zanpakutou Inner World:

Uwibami inner realm is a damaged palace that floats in a vast sky and appears to be changing in color with every passing moment


Call Out Phrase:
"Tear there flesh from there bones Uwibami"
Shikai Apparel:

Shikai Abilities:
In Shikai Ayumu's speed increases drastically

The top two blades on either side of the main blade launch towards the opponent in a buzz saw motion that Ayumu controls to attack his opponent. These Buzz saws move as fast if not faster then Ayumu using Shunpo.

When the opponent is sliced by Ayumu's blade the wound will heal with in moments but when the opponent is sliced again the old wound will open along with the new one then they both will heal and so on.


Call Out Phrase:
"Make them suffer, Reikoku Uwibami"Bankai Apparel:

Bankai Abilities:

Ayumu's claws can rip dimensional doors allowing him to attack through or even step through

When Ayumu attacks with his tail he could either use it like a alligator whipping his opponent or The tail can divide in to eight sections creating blades that Ayumu controls to attack his opponent

Also in bankai When the opponent is sliced by Ayumu's claws or tail blades the wound will heal with in moments but when the opponent is sliced again the old wound will open along with the new one then they both will heal and so on

Hollow/Mask Abilities


Hollow Control: Class One Visored

Bakudō #81 Danku(Splitting Void),Bakudō #99 Bankin(Great seal),Hadō #90 Kurohitsugi(Black Coffin),Cero(Doom Blast),Bala(Hollow Bullet).

Enhanced Speed: x3
Enhanced Stamina: x2 1/2
Enhanced Strength: x2
Enhanced Spiritual Power: x2 1/2

Back Drop


After his death Ayumu found him self in the rukon district alone and disorented and was taken in by a kind elderly woman named luna who was a member of the rukon elders. After a few years Ayumu found himself feeling hunger and when Luna found this out she encourged Ayumu to try to fouces and build this gift so he could one day join the academy to become a shinigami. Ayumu had trained himself high in the moutains, He would set up wooden dummies and would practice on hand to hand combat and sword play. When not practiceing Ayumu would help people in need around the district with things like heavy lifting, cleaning, and repairs.
When Ayumu had developed his spiritaul pressure to his needs he joined the academy where he worked and studied hard to become one of the top students of his entire class. After graduating Ayumu felt a inner pride when seeing the look of excitement and joy on Luna face when he showed up after graduating with a spot in 7th divison. Ayumu while on patrol in the districts of rukon would occasinaly visit Luna for saturday tea witch she offten looked forward to and the two would talk about old times and new. Many years later Ayumu became captain of squad 7 and still visits Luna for tea just about every saturday. This story was all true till one day he found himself in a inner battle with himself and his inner hollow during a captains meeting, While he was changeing the other captains tryed to stop him from distroying the seritai by binding him.
As the captain commander seen no other way of dealing with Ayumu in this state he drew his zanpakuto and went to distroy him before any more harm came from his tranformation but just as he raised his arm two Visoreds
swooped in, Taking him to there base where he eventualy gained control of his new powers.[/center]

"the cake is a lie"
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Kenta Takeshi

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PostSubject: Re: Ayumu Kazuki   Fri May 28, 2010 12:24 pm

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Ayumu Kazuki
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