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 Akira Tanaka

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PostSubject: Akira Tanaka   Fri May 14, 2010 8:18 am

Name: AKIRA Tanaka

Gender: Male

Apparent age: 17

Real age: 935

Akira is sorta the lazy goofball type and dose not like dealing with trivial matters of others, Akira would rather chill out and listen to music that he had collected from the real world on his headphones, he is also a prankster and will play pranks on unexpected people and watch them unfold from a distance just to pass the time, But when it comes to matters of importance his full attention is put into dealing with it.

Akira stands 5'10" tall and weighs 180 lbs he has black hair and brown eyes. he wears the traditional shinigami Kimono and Captain's Haori with headphones around his neck and glasses on his face.


Zanpakutou Name: SANDA PURINSESU
(Thunder Princess)

Zanpakutô Spirit:

Zanpakutou Inner World:

Sealed Zanpakutô:

Release Phrase: "KURASSHU-DAUN, SANDA PURINSESU" ("Crash Down Thunder Princess")

Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities:

Akira swings his staff creating a bolt of lightning that he then sends towards his opponent.

Akira slams his staff into the ground sending multiple waves of lightning towards his opponent that spread 180 degrees.

Akira holds his staff above his head horizonaly and creates an electrical barrier that spreads around him or his opponent in a 10 foot diameter.

Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities:

When in bankai form an electrical storm forms in the skys above, Akira is then able to manipulate these bolts of lightning to attack his opponent or opponents at will.

Akira's hilt throws out a continuious stream of lightning which he is able to swing around to attack his opponent like an electric wip.

Akira charges his zanpakuto with spiritual pressure then discharges a massive ball of lightning towards his opponent. (This ability needs to be charged and it takes atleast one post after chargeing begins before it can be discharged. This ability can also be charged for mutlible posts, If this occures the attack becomes stronger for each additional post.

Akira was a young orphan wondering the streets of Junrinan in the rukon district when he stumbled into a woman shinigami that was returning from training in the mountains, the woman looked down and asked if he was alright akira replied I'm sorry and tried to run away but fainted from hunger, the woman then scooped him up and took him with her to the seritai.
when akira regained consciousness he found himself in the arms of the woman, the woman seeing that he was awake said hi my name is Takara and ill return you to your family after you eat something.
akira started to cry and said i don't have a family and hugged Takara tightly, Takara hugged him back and started thinking about what to do with him, after thinking for a moment she then said to the young boy if you are going to stay here you are going to have to tell me your name little boy.
akira looked up at her with a excited expression on his face and asked really you really mean it, Takara replied while laughing with excitement yes i really mean it, akira then hugged Takara tighter and said my name is akira thank you thank you thank you!!!
when akira was alittle older he started reading books on kido and zanjutsu then when he had a better understanding of what the books were saying he would go to a open Field and try out what he had read by himself so he wouldn't get in trouble by his adoptive mother or the other shinigamis.
when akira was a suitable age he joined the academy and excelled in his studies, after graduation he was asked to join a squad but declined he would rather stay at the academy a little longer as a teachers assistant and to further his knowledge.
After spending two more years at the acamedy akira joined squad 12 and moved his was up to leiutenant with in a few years of joining. As time want by Akira became Captain of squad 12 and held that seat for sevral years.

Roleplay Sample:
Akira's day started out with him sitting on his roof listening to music on his headphones and reading a shonen jump magazine and to the left of him sat a pile of magazines and to his right sat a basket of eggs.
After reading two more magazines akira looks up and sees one of his friends walking by with a small group of people, (..aah right on time..) akira says out loud to himself he then puts down his mag and pulls his headphones down around his neck and starts to chant (..Carriage of thunder. Bridge of spinning wheel. With light,
divide this into six. Bakudo #61 Rikujokoro..) then six wide thin bars bound his friend at the midsection and halted his movement.
Akira then laved three eggs at his friend then put his headphones back on his ears and picked up his magazine and started reading like nothing happened, meanwhile his friend shocked from being bound from out of nowhere struggles to break free and starts to curse then is hit by two eggs on top of the head he then looks up and gets hit by another in the face and then becomes silent with a look of anger on his face under the egg that is now dripping off of him and a second later he yells
After reading all of his shonen jump magazines akira gathered his mags and picked up the basket of eggs and put them away he then went for a walk in the rukon district.
While walking the streets he thought back to the time when he first met his mother and it brought a smile to his face and as he continued to walk he saw smoke in the mountains and decided to go see what it was.
using flash step he arrived to where the smoke was coming from and seen four hollows attacking two shimigami students,
Akira then draws his zanpakuto (..KURASSHU-DAUN, SANDA PURINSESU..) he said releasing his zanpakuto then leaped high into the air then swung his staff raining down several bolts of lighning at the hollows masks destroying the hollows instantly, Akira then ran to the students to see if they were alright .
When he got close he saw that they were both severely wounded and one was still conscious he then asked him what had happened the student said that his friend had stole hollow bait and we came cause we thought we could fight a hollow but i guess we were wrong, akira replied (..your damn right your wrong your lucky i came by or the both of you would be dead..) akira then scooped both of the students up one in each arm then
used flash step to take them both back to the seritai so they could be treated by squad four.

"the cake is a lie"
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Akira Tanaka
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