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 Koji the Sandman

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Koji the Sandman

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PostSubject: Koji the Sandman   Thu May 20, 2010 4:03 pm

Shinigami Template

Basic Info

Name: The Sandman
Age: 28
True Age: 526


The Sandman is known quite well for never saying a word, especially when he is sneaking up on his prey. Since he is always silent, not many know much about him or his past, increasing his mysterious personality. He never converses with anyone and has no friends. He wanders around in the darkness. The only time he is seen is right before he strikes. The Sandman has a very synical state of mind as well. He never instantly kills his prey, instead, he likes to 'play' with them by an elonged death by torture. He loves to hear them scream and squirm around trying desperately to escape for their imminent death. On top of this, he also has a slight masochistic personality as well. Although many say that these two can never be together, the Sandman loves the feel of the cold blade piercing his skin, the pleasure gives him a thrill and increases his stamina through adrenaline, as if everytime he is struck he gets stronger.

Zanpakutou Name: Zetsumei Mokumoku
Zanpakutou Apparel:
Zanpakutou Spirit:
Zanpakutou Inner World:


Call Out Phrase: "Tear the flesh from their bones, Zetsumei Mokumoku."
Shikai Apparel:

Nothing about the Sandman's appearance changes, except for the fact that his zanpakuto vanishes and his hands to mid-forearm are covered in sand.

Shikai Abilities:

When in Shikai, the Sandman obtains full control of all sand in the surroundings and on his arms.

The first of his abilities is his weakest. This is pretty much an extension of his arms. Since the molecules in his hands are made completely of sand in shikai, he is able to increase his reach and change the shape of his hands into different objects. His reiatsu makes the object hard and/or sharp depending on what it is.

The second ability is a ball of sand. The Sandman can punch into the air and a medium-sized ball of sand shoots off in the direction that he punched. Although it is just sand, the blast packs a powerful blow since it is combined with his reiatsu.

His final ability is to create a sandstorm. This can either be used as an attack or in defense. If he uses it as an attack, the sandstorm takes form as a giant tornado and follows the opponent around, lashing shards of sand and debris around in the air as well. The other use is to create a 'smokescreen' effect. He can cover the entire area in sand and can use it to his advantage and not be detected.


Call Out Phrase: Bankai, Akumu Mokumoku
Bankai Apparel: When the Sandman is in his bankai state, the sand off of his hands disappears. His eyes turn pitch black and his hair grows longer. His skin becomes paler.
Bankai Abilities:

The first of Koji's abilities in bankai is 'nightshade' which is the same basic effect as his sandstorm before it. This ability makes all light non-existent, taking away all sight. Nothing but pitch black darkness, afterall, most of people's fears come alive in the darkness. After years of training his bankai, he has gained the ability of noctournal vision and can see in his own darkness.

His second and final ability is the ability to bring his opponent's deepest fears to reality. In order for Koji to activate this ability, he must first have landed an attack on the opponent. These fears are merely a figment of their imaginations, but they do not come to realize it as they are so realistic. The nightmares are able to touch and hurt the opponents as if they were really there, however, no real physical harm comes to them, instead it is pure mental torture. Since these beings are just in their mind, they cannot be destroyed by slicing and dicing them, just like a real nightmare, your fear never goes away. The only way to destroy them--Well, I'll let you figure that out for yourself. Twisted Evil

Back Drop

Background: [Detail is a must on this. Shinigami have lived hundreds of years thus they have a lot of history. Do not be lazy!]
Side notes: Koji is an Evil Rogue Shinigami, in case you haven't gotten that down yet. =P

RP Sample: Bite me... <-<

The cake is a lie
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PostSubject: Re: Koji the Sandman   Fri May 21, 2010 6:16 pm

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Koji the Sandman
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