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 Takehiko Yuudai

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Takehiko Yuudai

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PostSubject: Takehiko Yuudai   Thu May 20, 2010 4:10 pm

Shinigami Template

Basic Info

Name: Yuudai Takehiko
Age: 28
True Age: 654
    Seat: Lieutenant


  • Hair: Takehiko’s hair is white with patches of silver to give him an innocent look. His hair hangs down to the middle of his back, also it is very thick so it add height to Takehiko’s head. In the front, he keeps his two parts of his hair in long, thick braids as well. He wears a family heirloom to hold his braids in place. The metal braces holding his braids are engraved with a decorative pattern on them. These braces are a metallic silver and about the length of his face.

  • Face: Although Takehiko appears to be 28, his face is actually years behind his age. By this, I mean he has yet to start to show any signs of wrinkles or crows feet, his face is still as clear as an infant, not a blemish in sight either. His eyes are a blood red, taking away from the innocence that his white hair gives him. Because of this, people refer to him as a demon from hell. His face is a grayish color, as if he wore make-up, but this is his natural skin color. He is just in between being tan and pale. His nose stands out on his face, although not an abnormally large nose, it sticks out further from the face than most noses. Takeshi’s lips are thick and full, matching the color of his skin and slowly fading into a light pink-red color. His facial features make him hard to forget.

Takeshi has an athletic type body. He stands at about six feet and weighs no more than 170 pounds. Although slightly thin, he still poses a threat to the bulky, muscular opponent for his size is not as it seems. Takehiko is actually much stronger than he looks. His torso and legs are of equal length, no disproportionate figure.

  • Shinigami: Takehiko wears the traditional shinigami garb; Black pants, white under top and black over top. To tie it all together, he wears a white belt and sandals. There’s nothing special about his clothing when he is a shinigami. However, he has a green robe that he wears around everywhere so that he still stands out just a bit, while keeping the traditional shinigami look. This green robe has a white flame trimming at the bottom of it and is tattered at the edges from all of the brutal battles that he has fought in his past. He chooses not to have them fixed for they are a souvenir of his victories, a reminder of what he has done.

  • Gigai: Although there is nothing special about what he wears as a shinigami, since he wears the traditional clothing, Takehiko’s gigai’s apparel is nothing to sneeze at. Takehiko wears the most distinguished clothing when in Gigai form. Instead of running around in jeans and a t-shirt, Takehiko prefers to wear suits everywhere he goes. He mostly wears a black suit with a black button up, dress shirt and a white, silk tie around his neck. This style choice of his places him at the center of everybody’s attention. They all wonder why he decided to wear such nice suits if he has nowhere important to be.

Takehiko is the silent type, never says a word. Not that he can’t help it since he’s a mute. Some people will take him as rude, but he refused to learn sign language, he prefers not to communicate. If you are speaking to him, he will just stare at you with a content expression, not even nodding along. However, although it might seem as if he were not listening, he is actually listening better than anyone else could since he is a mute and all he does is listen. This feature about him allows better sneak attacks since he has a heightened sense of hearing, he can hear a pin fall 15 feet away from where he is standing. On top of this, his silence has made him more attracted to the silence of everything else around him and will avoid any and all things that can create noise.

Since Takehiko is a mute, he is also the type who enjoys watching the nature around him in action. Preferably, he likes to watch the clouds float by over his head. Whenever he has down time, he’ll find a rooftop and just lay down on it and stare at the sky, watching the clouds, the birds, and anything else that my happen to flow by. This is also a feature that makes him a loner sometimes, not to the point that he does not like working with teams, just to the point where he appreciates any time alone that he has.

Although he enjoys his peace and quiet and might seem rude since he does not speak, Takehiko is actually really friendly to all of his allies. If they are in need of anything, Takehiko will be the first to off his services to them. Be it save their lives from a common threat, or just help them find someone in Soul Society, Takehiko enjoys any and all tasks given to him. It keeps him busy and occupied to keep him from boredom, especially on a rainy day and he cannot go outside to just watch the sky.

Since Takehiko has risen to the ranks of Lieutenant within the second squad, it is apparent that he has a sense of responsibility and duty as well. Even if something happens that is out of his control or just not his fault, he will take full responsibility for it since he sees it at his duty to help everyone in Soul Society, even though most shinigami would just look out after the members of their own squad.

Zanpakutou Name: Seishuku Kyoui (Silent Threat)
Zanpakutou Apparel:

Takehiko uses a zanpakuto that is entirely black, from blade to hilt. The hand gueard is just a small square that goes around the entire blade. On the hilt are leather straps that increase his grip of his sword making it difficult for an opponent to make him lose his zanpakuto. The blade is very sharp. The pitch black color of his zanpakuto allows him for better stealth when it is dark. It is katana length, however, so he can have an increased range of strike with it.

The sheath is just the same as the blade, entirely black. Excluding the golden emblem on it that he put on himself to resemble his silence. The emblem is of the kanji meaning ‘Silence’. The gold emblem stands out and so it catches everyone’s eyes, hopefully enough to point out the fact that Takehiko is a mute. There are two leather straps that allow him to tie it around his shinigami belt as well. These straps make it more difficult for his zanpakuto to be stolen while it is sheathed and around his waste.

Zanpakutou Spirit:
Takehiko’s shikai retains its black blade as it shrinks down into more of a knife form. (Photo is not actual size) This knife allows Takehiko better accuracy and better agility.

Shikai Abilities:
Seishuku’s one an only ability in shikai is activated when the shikai is released, so it is an automatic effect in shikai instead of an ability Takehiko uses separately upon activation. An aura affecting only his opponent expands and makes it feel like an old silent movie. Everything becomes black and white, not greyscale, to the opponent and takes away all sound. This allows Takehiko to move around as he pleases without being heard and increases his stealth. This ability only affects one opponent at a time and must have made contact with the person it is affecting either before or after its release. The blade does not have to come in contact with the body, however, as long as it comes in contact with at least their blade. This ability will not affect anyone else until Takehiko takes the effects off of the person it is currently on.


Call Out Phrase: [Has your character's zanpakutou release phrase changed?] Bankai Apparel: [What does your character's final release look like?]
Bankai Abilities: [Again, this is as close to god-mod as that we will allow on the site. Bankai is rare and thus powerful. Do not however go overboard!]

Back Drop

Before Death:Takehiko lived a full life in the town of Karakura. As a teen, his super human abilities showed up and he has fought hollow ever since. After battling a tough hollow, Takehiko was severely damaged in the throat area after a cero blast. This caused Takehiko to lose his vocal cords and has ever since been a mute. Instead of getting down on himself about it, he has actually embraced the fact that he can no longer speak. Takehiko lived a full life until he died from his appendix rupturing. He did not realize that it was his appendix until it was too late to do anything.

Life in Rukongai:After dying from appendicitis, Takehiko found himself in a strange place that looked slightly run down, wasn’t much of a place for the afterlife. He quickly made friends here in Rukongai in order to survive since he was not able to speak. After entering a little spat with a violent gang, Takehiko’s spiritual powers began to reveal themselves again. He had completely forgotten about his entire life in Karakura, including the fact that he always had abnormal powers, but this release of reiatsu brought about a thrill that forced him to remember the feeling from his life, however they were just bits and pieces of flashbacks. Takehiko used this power to send the gang running home to their mothers. After his powers were noticed by a travelling shinigami, Takehiko was accepted into the Shinigami academy where he left his friends behind to hone his skills as a soul reaper.

After Graduation: Takehiko’s life was much like any other’s in the academy where he struggled to learn the ways of the shinigami, however he trained in order to become better than the others. This took a lot of work for him, but he was immediately accepted into the second squad after graduating from the shinigami academy. He showed special talents in silent infiltration and quick learning of the ways of shunpo. Takehiko was one of the fastest in his class. As he started out in the second squad, he was very low in rank but that did not stop him from meeting his duties and responsibilities that he felt to the other members in soul society. His actions helped him quickly move up into the ranks. However, the only way he could reach lieutenant is if he discovered his zanpakuto’s name and mastered his shikai. Takehiko trained day and night in order to learn his shikai’s name.

Shikai training:
As Takehiko rose through the ranks, the highest he could reach was 3rd seat without a shikai. Being third seat did not suit him and his need for responsibility so an urge pushed him to achieve his shikai. He trained day and night, even meditating so that he could have visions of his zanpakuto’s spirit and so he could speak with it. After years of training, his zanpakuto’s spirit came to him in a dream after a long day of training. He was brought into the realm of his zanpakuto’s spirit. However, to Takehiko, this did not feel like a dream. It all felt real. In front of where Takehiko stood, his zanpakuto’s spirit stood and spoke only its name to him. As Takehiko stood and stared at the spirit, it eventually vanished as did the rest of the realm. Takehiko woke in a sweat and looked down at his zanpakuto and picked it up. As he thought the release that was just given to him, his shikai released itself.

Lieutenant training:
Although Takehiko had finally achieved his shikai after years of training, he would now have to master it in order to become the lieutenant of squad 2. He trained everyday, sparring with anyone he could in order to learn how to yield its power and use it properly. Finally, the day came where he would be able to use his shikai in an actual battle against a swarm of hollow. He defeated them off one by one with his shikai and his superior flash step. However, the lieutenant of his squad was not so lucky. The swarm of hollows devoured the lieutenant. Arriving back in Soul Society, victorious even with a few losses, the second squad mourned the death of their fallen comrades. However, mourning could not last forever and they would have to replace their lieutenant. Being the only other one capable of wielding

RP Sample:
Kenta merely watched all the attacks that came at him. The water coffin, the lightning strike. Kenta, however, was not to worried about the attacks. As they struck his body, he was only left with a few scratches. His hair was now hanging down, he no longer had it put up like horns. He was dripping wet. "Well now," he said. "This will never do." Kenta let out a rush of wind, finally revealing his true power to them all. The wind rushed and swirled around him rapidly, drying him off. He then focused the wind's spiral in his hair, and put it back up. "Much better." he said smiling. "I wouldn't dare kill you all looking so awful." he spoke, wiping off his sleeves. He looked over and saw everyone who was now releasing their swords. "Good, Good." He spoke. "Get your hopes up, I love it when they do that. Makes killing you all more satisfying, not only crushing your bones, but your hope of defeating me." Kenta looked over to see the dark mist appear. He did not budge, he did not look worried. He saw the dark, mysterious woman appear and kill of the other woman. "Well..." he looked intrigued now. "It seems we have another who wishes to join in my excitement." Kenta allowed her to help, he knew that there were even too many for him to handle. "Now then, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" Another gust of wind formed near Kenta. He held his hands out as two swords began to manifest themselves. Kenta looked over at a foolish man was now lunging at him. "Humph!" Kenta glared. "You think 3 attacks at once can stop me?" Kenta began to laugh. He watched the man grow closer and closer along with his attacks. Kenta just stood there, or so it seemed. The attacks went right through him once again. There was laughter coming from far off where the attacks were being made on him. He was walking closer and closer. "Pathetic fool, sneak attacks won't work." He slashed the air with his right blade, and then his left. Blades flew through the air, inching closer and closer to the man who had just attacked.

"Damn it. He's become even more powerful now with this new person coming into the picture." Karma spoke, almost to himself. He knew he would have to act fast. Karma looked over as someone began to attack him head on. A flash of red and a flash of blue were heading toward Kenta at the same time along with the man who shot them. Karma knew this would never work. And from the site of it, it didn't. Kenta was now standing far from where the attacks were to collide. He saw the blades of wind flying at the nameless man. "You see now?" Karma spoke turning back to the group. "We need to follow plan, one person is not enough for him." Karma looked at Kenta again. "Okay, commence the operation." With those words spoken, Karma disappeared and was now setting up in his position. He was hoping the others did not mess the plan up. Karma was out of Kenta's site now, standing behind him, slightly, and 100 feet away.

Kenta looked out of the corner of his eye, toward the direction of Karma. "Humph!" Kenta expressed. "You think you can go behind me and expect me not to know?" Kenta turned rapidly, swinging both of his blades at the same time, increasing their speed drastically compared to the first two he shot at the nameless man. Karma stood there, in shock, watching the blades fly closer and closer to him. He was paralyzed by this site. Kenta had caught him off guard. The wind blades flew right through Karma. "Foolish shinigami." Kenta laughed as he walked over to the 3 piece corpse now. Karma's head was no longer attached to his body, and his torso had separated from his legs. Karma was now hovering over the body. "There goes the last shimmer of light for the rest of these infidels" Kenta squatted down and ran his finger through the blood, pouring out of the body. Kenta stood back up, blood dripping from his fingers. He stuck his tongue out and licked the blood off of his fingers. He always tasted the blood of his opponent after victory. It was like his trophy. When he finished cleaning his fingers off of the crimson residue, he turned to the others. "Who's blood will be the next to slide down my throat?" Kenta's smile grew. This fight was like a feast for him. No, Kenta was not a vampire, but he enjoyed the taste of blood just like one.

Kenta wanted to cause more torment in these poor, innocent souls. The whites of his eyes began to turn a dark yellow. The pupils turned pitch black, much like his soul. Kenta let the wind sword in his right hand disappear as he lifted his hand up into the air. Spirit particles gathered to that area bit by bit, forming his hollow mask. It was the color of any hollow mask, white. Three horns grew from the top right of the mask, the next one smaller than the one before, going up to the top. The left side had a black fire emblem, rising up into the horns, circling the eye hole of the mask. The bottom of the mask was jaw-less. There were jagged teeth that hung down below. The mask left Kenta's chin showing as he put it on his face. He now looked even more demonic than before. He darted his face to look right at the groups of people, huddling around, planning. Manifesting the sword in his right hand back, he swung the swords again as wind blades flew out toward the groups. Knowing that one to each group would not be enough, he swung them back the other way, shooting one to each group more. There were now two air blades flying at each group of people huddled together. Kenta bursted out hysterically with laughter as he watched the blades approach the groups.

Kenta stood, hovering over the now rotting corpse of what used to be Karma. He saw the soccer ball roll and hit his foot, and a young child following closely behind. Kenta's eyes glistened as he stared at the boy. He peered at him through the two eye sockets of the mask. He began to smile, even though no one could see it. But it was not a smile of happiness, but a sinister smile of contempt. Kenta raised his sword manifested from the wind, and right as he was about to swing down on the child, he saw one of the members of the Amenoukashi heading right at him, in what he could only assume was an attack. Kenta looked at a different direction and he saw Reiha being attacked by another member of the same organization. From the other side, someone else attacking out of nowhere. And peering to the sky, he saw the foolish shinigami coming in for another attack. A blast of thought popped into Kenta's mind. Kill the kid, kill the ame, save Reiha, kill the two shinigami. Kenta knew that not even he himself was fast enough to do all of this.

With a fury of gusting wind, Kenta flew at Reiha, dodging the incoming threats and allowing the small boy to be saved from danger. He did not care much to kill the poor boy, but he needed Reiha for further uses. Kenta, now combining the speed of his shunpo, the speed burst from the wind, and his enhanced speed gained from the mask, and he tackled Reiha, bursting through the flames, using a small vortex of wind to shield him from the heat, and moving her out of the way of the vicious swing that would have befallen her if he had not done so. Instead of coming out with gashes, she would now just come out with a few bruises. Kenta moved Reiha far from the reach of the amenoukashi member. Kenta knew that he was the only real threat here after seeing his power. Quickly, he ran back to the battle field. His clothes were charred and smoking now from the flames. "I'm your only battle now." Kenta said to everyone. A rush of reiatsu grew around him as dark clouds began to form in the sky. The park grew dark, the clouds blocked out the sun. Sparks of lightning channeling through the clouds lit up the cloud for a split second, followed by the loud crack of thunder. Kenta's eyes were now glowing in the darkness, making him look even more sinister. "Now, you feel the full power of my zanpakuto" Kenta said, his voice was now deeper. He raised his hand and held it high above his head. Kenta smashed his hand to the ground, kneeling. A burst of light flew from the sky and struck the ground at the same time as his hand, lighting the sky up once again, but quickly fading back into the darkness, just like all light ends up doing at one point or another.

Kenta slowly stood back up. "This is where I kill you all" Kenta said as his hands began to glow a bright red. He held both hands out to his side, as red orbs began to grow in them, particle by particle. Kenta looked over at the foolish boy who dared try and attack him with electricity. "You will die first." He said, turning his body. "Cero." He said calmly, as he placed the base of each hand together, holding them horizontally. The two glowing, red orbs formed together as it shot out a blast of red light. Kenta was no fool, he knew that this would not be enough to finish him off. He formed a vortex of wind around the red beam, forming a sharp drill like effect at the tip of the cero. Raising his hand one more time, he brought it down, but not all the way to the ground, once again. The bolt began to swirl along with the wind.

"Don't think I've forgotten about you." he said, turning to the next shinigami with the mirror image. "You are next" He said with a cynical laugh. He slowly raised his right arm, the hand gently lagging behind as he brought it up with a snap. "Farewell" He laughed as wind began to spin around the tip of his finger. The speed of the wind grew faster and faster, soon causing friction and sending out sparks. "It has been fun." He spoke, shooting out a small bolt of electricity, flying right for Methias' heart, surely a fatal hit if it struck. Kenta was now laughing sadisticly. He turned to face Shizuru and the other member of the ame standing next to her. "You think you can protect them now?" He said manifesting his swords again. "Here is your last chance to run." He said as began to float up into the sky. Kenta could now see the battle field clearly. "Go run and get more reinforcements or your fate will be the same as his." Kenta said pointing down to the remains of Karma's body with his sword. Kenta then grasped both blades in one hand. With his other hand, he swept it across his body in front of him. A gust of wind with hurricane speeds began to blow. Trees began to be uprooted and debris was flying through the air. A giant tree was flying right for Shizuru.

"Now you." Kenta said turning to look down at the man who attacked Reiha. The winds he had conjured up had put out the flames that were surrounding him. He grasped his sword and once again had one in each hand. He swung them with extraordinary speed and power, sending air blades right at the man. They were relentless, two by two they were being sent out towards Veral. Kenta stopped swinging and lowered himself to the ground. "You... You will not escape me..." Kenta looked at Reiha who was far off from the battle field now. He signaled her to come back. He wanted her to enjoy in the pleasure of killing this man. Kenta was now panting from the excessive surges of power now being sent towards everyone. He had not used everything, he still had the stamina to keep fighting. Kenta waited for Reiha to return to his side before continuing his attacks.

The Cake is a lie
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PostSubject: Re: Takehiko Yuudai   Mon May 31, 2010 3:12 am

I have approved this before, I shall approve it again
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Takehiko Yuudai
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