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PostSubject: Nanashi   Thu May 20, 2010 4:13 pm

Shinigami Template

Name: Nanashi
Gender: Male


Nanashi has a very dark and mysterious personality, almost to the point where he is evil, but he is not. Those who do not know him suspect him for anything that has gone wrong in the seiretei because of this part of his personality. He is always their first suspect, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with him. He is similar to Byakuya in that he has a very cold personality to top the dark and mysterious one. He treats strangers as if they do not belong. He is a man of few words as well. He only speaks up when it is over something important. Nanashi has no tolerance for those who pick on weaker or innocent people. Whenever he catches someone doing this act, he strikes the person inflicting harm on the innocent or weaker down without hesitation, not even for a split second.

Nanashi does this because he does have a good side. He fights for what he thinks is right. He does not put up with criminal acts. On top of this, if you are causing harm to one of his friends, actually to anyone, he will inflict pain on you tenfold. He is very caring and protective of the innocent. He sees that they have done nothing wrong, so they should not be harmed. So, even though Nanashi seems very dark, mysterious, and bruding; he is actually a very nice and caring man for those who do what is right and stay on his good side.


No matter where he is, or what he is doing, you can find Nanashi always wearing the color black. he does not like the bright colors. He doesn't usually wear the normal shinigami uniform because he wants to be an individual, but if it's an important meeting, he will wear the proper uniform necessary for that meeting. he is usually wearing tight black clothes. He has a tight black shirt on, with a black short-sleeve long coat over it. The coat falls down to below his knees. He wears skin tight, black pants also. They have stitchings around the thigh area and a metallic belt hold them up. Around his neck he wears two crosses on a chain. One of the crosses is bigger than the other. His hair is pitch black and is long enough to hang down in his eyes, which are blood red. His skin is very pale since he does not tan easily. On his hands, he wears black gloves that go up to his forearms. On his left wrist, he has a metal wrist band over the black glove. Overall, Nanashi is a very skiny man, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in intelligence and agility. Nanashi is about the average height for men his age standing at six feet tall.

Zanpakutō Spirit:

The girl in the picture above is Tenshi, which means angel in Japanese, for she is an angel. Her hair is pure white, like the white blanket that falls to the ground in the winter. Her hair goes down to her hips, and her bangs fall just above her eyes. She has a beautiful, white skirt that is long and flowy. Two strands of the same fabric come up and go around her neck, covering her chest. Her stomache and back is left open. She wears all white to show the purity in her soul, for the color white is pure and untainted. Just like Nanashi's, Tenshi's eyes are blood red. Her voice could wake the dead from the harmonious sound that echos when she speaks. Her voice matches her appearance. Tenshi is a very young, beautiful woman.

Just about the only thing that Tenshi and Nanashi have in common are the blood red eyes that pierce through the night sky and their caring for other people. Since Tenshi is an angel from above, she is very pure and very nice. Tenshi acts more like Nanashi's other half. They complete each other, like yin and yang, two halves of a whole. If Nanashi did not have Tenishi with him, he would have more than likely gone to the side of evil long ago and would have gone insane with a lust for power and death. Tenshi acts like Nanashi's guardian angel by blocking out some of the evil thoughts that pass through his brain.

Sealed Zanpakutō :

Nanashi's sealed zanpakuto was the same length as the average katana. The blade of it was of course silver, but it was jagged, much like Kenpachi's blade, from all of the training and battles Nanashi has gone through. The guard of his blade was a metallic black, very sleek and shiny. It had emeralds encrusted into them. The hilt of his blade was wrapped in a black cloth, to match the rest of Nanashi's attire. Wrapped within the black cloth were strands of lime green cloth, matching the style and color of the guard. But, after gaining the ability to use his shikai, Nanashi is no longer able to have a sealed zanpakuto for it has been locked in its shikai state, much like Ichigo Kurosaki's zanpakuto.

Shikai Description:


Nanashi's shikai blade is very slim, and looks like a regular katana. The difference now between his sealed state and shikai is that the jagged blade is now a sharp, smooth blade. Just like any shikai, it has the black and silver blade as well. The hand guard and hilt of the zanpakuto is still black, but the emeralds and lime green strands have gone away, leaving them pure black. (The shikai is in the image of Nanashi)


Nanashi's shikai consists of two powers, inner light and blinding blade. Both of these two powers manipulate light. Inner light manipulates the symbolic meaning of light, while blinding blade manipulates the physical manifestation of light, like the sun's light.

Inner Light:

As I stated before, this power manipulates the symbolic meaning of light. When Nanashi uses this power, it magnifies the light within the soul, or the goodness. When he does this, the evil opponent becomes confused and begins to fight himself because of this. When the evil opponent is doing this, they are left open for attack by Nanashi, but their confusion only lasts one turn. The down side to this power is that Nanashi can only use this against opponents with darkness empowering their soul. If they are already good and filled with light, it has no affect. Since this is so, Nanashi's shikai has another power, blinding blade.

Blinding Blade:

This power manipulates the physical manifestation of light. Nanashi's blade absorbs all forms of light, whether it is from a flame of a candle, or from the sun. When Nanashi uses this power, his blade begins to shine brightly, blinding the opponent. With the opponent blinded from the bright, pure light, Nanashi is able to move in to attack them. He is unable to be seen when this power is being used because he holds the sword, and since the light comes from the sword, as long as he holds it in front of him, the light blocks sight behind it.


Bankai release: Shine with purity, Heaven's light.



After saying the release phrase, Nanashi's entire body begins the glow with a blinding light. When the light dies out Nanashi's appearance has changed. (image above) His hair has turned pure white and is now a little bit longer than it was before. And his clothes are now white, much like Tenshi. On top of the changing color of his hair and clothes, Nanashi has now grown angel wings on each of his shoulders. They are as well a pure, clean, white wings. His wings give Nanashi the ability to fly now. His eyes are the only things that have remained the same as before. It is as if Tenshi has now joined with Nanashi, and her pure, heavenly appearance has taken over Nanashi's dark appearance.


Nanashi's zanpakuto's power, is of course, stronger now. In addition to his shikai powers, Nanashi has gained one more power. When he raises sword high above his head to say the release into bankai, on top of his appearance changing during the blinding light that glows from his body, his zanpakuto has shattered into thousands of tiny pieces and have fallen to the ground. It appears as if Nanashi is defensless with no sword now, but he is able to control these blades on the ground as he pleases. He can control them either with his mind, or with his physical movements. When he is just using his mind to move the tiny blades around, it is at its weakest and does not move very fast. When he begins to use his hands, the strength and speed of the blades increase. On top of being able to have been sent at the opponent slicing them up with the tiny pieces, he can still use inner light and blinding blade with the tiny pieces. Since there are so many in different directions, the power has increased from the Bankai.

House of Mirrors:
Nanashi gains one new ability different from shikai, however. It is known as House of Mirrors. Since a mirror works through light, Nanashi is able to place his blades to form rectangular shaped structures all around, mimicing a house of mirrors. Although it is rather simple for the stronger shinigami to tell the difference between the reflection and the real Nanashi, this ability is meant to confuse the opponent enough for them to guess which direction Nanashi is actually coming from. The mirrors are strategically placed random. They are not in a circle or a specific shape. This way Nanashi can hide and seem to appear from a direction. (I know this sounds a little god-mode, but an event boss has to have a strong power that makes it a little difficult to be beaten. Wink )


Not much is known about Nanashi's life as a human on earth, before he died. After he died and came to soul society he grew up on the streets alone in the Rukongai district. When he finally came of age, he began to feel different. He was now able to control his spirit energy. But he was not able to control very well, seeing as how he had no training for it at all. When he became angered, he would get a rush of spiritual pressure, knocking down others who did not have strong reiatsu. After realizing his abilities, he was sent to the Shinigami Academy by a friend of his. There, he was trained to control his reiatsu and was finally given Tenshi. He trained day and night with the zanpakuto trying to be better than the rest. Because he would strike rocks and trees during training, the blade would shard off, and became jagged. He trained well with using the kidou powers. He is able to use each of them successfully with out the incantation now, but his best one is Hado 90, the black coffin. He has always taken a fancy to this one, probably his dark side that makes him like it. When he finally graduated from the academy, Nanashi took his place in the 13th squad, working his way up to Vice Captain after many years of training.

But, before we get back to his present life, we must look at what he did and how he became the Vice Captain of the 13th squad. After graduating from the academy, he, of course, was very low ranked within the squad. Being so weak displeased Nanashi, forcing him to work harder and become stronger through the ranks. He trained night and day, rain or shine. One day, while he was in the forest training, years after graduating the academy, Nanashi heard a voice speak to him. He did not know where it came from, or who it was. All of a sudden, he was in a different dimension. It was like he was standing in the sky. Clouds were floating by underneath his feet. A beautiful young girl walked out and spoke to him. She introduced herself to him. She told him the name of his sword, Tenshi. When he came back to the real world, he called forth his shikai, and it has been stuck in this form ever since this moment. Now having the ability to use his shikai, he quickly rose through the ranks, proving his strength to others in his squad. Years after learning to control his Shikai, and its powers, Nanashi obtained the power to use his bankai, heaven's light. Nanashi trained with his bankai there after, practicing to fully control it. Being recognized now after achieving it, he was moved up to the rank of Vice Captaincy.

Roleplay Sample:

Use any sample you wish, you should know how I rp~ =P

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PostSubject: Re: Nanashi   Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:53 am

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