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 Sirius Le'Favre, Arrancar

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Sirius Le'Favre


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PostSubject: Sirius Le'Favre, Arrancar   Thu May 20, 2010 7:03 pm

Hollow/Arrancar Template

Base Info

Name: Sirius Le'Fevre
True Age:
Base Form: Ajuchas
Personality: Sirius has a very short fuse, and has been known to be very impulsive and extremely violent. He' very sarcastic, and equally sadistic. When he gets excited, he tends to have a sadistic grin, much like Kenpachi, Hollow Ichigo, and Grimmjow. He is very imaginative, and considers pain a form of art. He believes himself to be the greatest artist of pain among the arrancar.

He tends to be cold to other arrancar. His arrogance makes him believe no other arrancar would be needed to take out the soul society, believing he can eradicate the shinigami alone. He is also very rude, showing no one any honorifics. Sirius seems to have some honor though, as he won't fight an injured target. However, this is just for his own indulgence, believing the battle won't be any fun if their already injured.

Sirius is very idealistic, believing his goals must be achieved at all costs. He likes to toy around with his opponents, revealing only the power he must to win. He is very courageous and confident in his abilities. His only fear is death. This tends to psyche out his opponents, because he shows no fear in battle, even if they’re more powerful than him. Despite his tough persona, he’s also very clever, being able to see an opponents plans, and can see through their bluffs.

Sirius’ stands at 5’6”, and weighs 165 lbs. His hollow mask remains are small, loop ear rings hidden by his hair. Like most arrancar, he wears white sandals and black socks.

Zanpakutou Name: Endriago
Zanpakutou Call Out: Rampage
Resurrecion: Sirius grows two black wings resembling Ryuk’s. His mask remains change from ear rings to two small horns coming from the top of his head. His eyes glow an intense gold. His fingers become more like claws, and his teeth become more like dragon teeth. The coat he wears grows black fur along the open ends. His hair grows down to his shoulders, and looks very wild and unruly. His zanpakuto disappears, but he can summon a katana made of his reiatsu to battle with.

Endriago Cero [Dragon Hollow Flash]: Sirius can charge and shoot a cero from his mouth that resembles flame.The technique is much more powerful than a regular cero.

Lumbre Anilo [Flame Ring]: Sirius blows a ring of flame around his opponent, and jumps into it, limiting the room both combatants have to maneuver. The flames go high enough to prevent escape. If a reiatsu greater than Sirius’ resurreccion is released, the flames will blow out.

Power Augmentation: Upon his release, Sirius gains a great boost to his Hierro, physical strength, and his speed.

Resurrecion Segundo: In this form, Sirius wears no clothes. His skin becomes charcoal black, and he grows a long, black tail. His hair returns to normal. However, a strip of hair runs down his back and down his tail, resembling that on a dragon. The remains of his hollow mask grow into longer horns. His fingers remain like claws, and his feet become like talons. He grows two more wings in addition to the two he grows with his first release.

Hollow Abilities: Cero/Bala: Sirius’ cero is navy blue in color, as opposed to the usual red/crimson color. He can also channel his Cero through his zanpakuto, releasing it from his zanpakuto instead of firing it from his hand.
Hierro: Having been a dragon-like hollow, his Hierro is the toughest of the arrancar. When he releases his zanpakuto, his Hierro becomes as tough as a dragon’s scales
High Speed Regeneration

Back Drop
Life as a Human: Sirius was born in the year 46 bc. His family was known as the greatest warrior family in all of Rome, and his father served as the personal advisor to the emperor of Rome himself. However, unlike the rest of the men in his family, he took no interest in war or politics. His only desire was to become an artist, or possibly a musician. When he told his parents of his dream, they laughed at him, telling him he could never become an artist. From the age of four, his father began training him to be the soldier he would one day become. When he wasn't in training, he enjoyed playing with friends and other child like activities.

When Sirius turned six years old, his parents began to give him less and less free time. Instead of spending time with his friends like most kids his age, he was given more training and study time. Being such a young child, he missed spending time with other kids. The work was also undoubtedly stressful on a child so young. When he tried to ask his parents for more free time, he was only beaten and given less free time. By time he was eight, he barely had any personal time between his training and schooling. He had also begun to grow very cold feelings for his parents, and even began to hate them, cursing the family he was born into.

On his fifteenth birthday, he was enlisted as a soldier in the Imperial Roman Army. He was one of the more skilled soldiers, due to all his childhood training. He was very quick and agile. Instead of learning to use a weapon and a shield, like most soldiers, he learned to use two swords. By time he was 17, he had already become a general, becoming the youngest general in the history of the empire. A parade was held in his hometown to celebrate his promotion, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Despite the praise given to him by his parents, he still hated them. He didn’t feel like his childhood abuse had been made just, just because he had made general. However, he was no longer the gentle child he used to be. His parents had raised him to become a hateful killing machine. That would be their downfall. One night, he crept into his parents’ room and slit their throats as they slept. He laughed malevolently as he watched them gasp for air, watching as their lives faded slowly and painfully. The next morning, he rushed to the authorities and reported his parents’ murder. Tears were running down his face, and he looked very distressed. However, this was just an act. Nobody would have suspected him of the crime. Nobody knew just what he had become. After his parents’ funeral, the emperor had appointed Sirius as his new right hand advisor.

When Sirius turned 24, he had become the top general of the roman army. Along with his power and fame, he had also begun to corrupt further. He had become a major womanizer, sleeping with a different woman every night. Sometimes he'd even sleep with multiple women in a night. He had also become a huge alcoholic. The only time he wasn't drunk was when he was in combat, and sometimes he was even drunk on the battlefield. He continued living this life for the next 10 years, when his bad karma would finally begin to catch up with him.

Over time, Sirius had become a truly heartless person, not caring about anything. He didn't care about his loyalty to his country or even his own life anymore. His greedy and depraved lifestyle had taken complete control over him. No matter how much money or possessions he obtained, he was never satisfied. One night, he remembered the joy he felt killing his parents. He remembered the thrill he felt watching the life drain from their bodies. He hadn’t felt a joy like that for a long time. He wanted to feel the thrill again. He began to kill the women he slept with, deriving a sick, twisted pleasure from it all. He hid their bodies deep within his manor

When he turned 35, it was apparent he had lost all sanity as a human being. His corruption had consumed him fully. He wanted Rome for himself. He had done so much work for the country, why shouldn't he rule it? One night, a few months after much planning, he used a secret path he had found that led straight into the king's chamber. Not only did he assassinate the king, but he also gagged and raped his wife before murdering her as well. In the morning, news of the king's assassination traveled quickly, and an investigation was started, and Sirius had been named temporary ruler of Rome. There was no way he would get caught. He hadn't been caught for his other atrocious crimes. Why would he get caught for this one? Little did he know, Karma had its ways of catching those who tried to outrun it.

A few months later, it was discovered that he was the one who murdered the king and his wife. It was also found that he had killed his parents. On the day of his swearing in as the new emperor, he was apprehended by authorities, and his manor was searched. They discovered the skeletons of the women he killed in his basement. He was thrown in the dungeon, sentenced to death as a traitor. A few months later, he was hung for his crimes, and all of his living relatives lived in disgrace. However, something sent a chill down the people's spines. As he was killed, he held a smile on his face.

After death/Becoming a Hollow: Sirius roamed the land as a spirit, attached to the world. He wanted to keep killing. That was all he wanted. His request was granted one day, when he met a spirit who looked like a monster. This monster called itself a hollow and promised Sirius that, if he became a hollow and served him, he could continue killing not only humans, but even other spiritual races. He accepted the deal, and the hollow transformed him. He had become a small, dragon-like hollow.

Life as a Hollow: As a hollow, he retained his memories of his human life. He wanted revenge on the people who killed him. However, before he could attack the roman capital, the other hollow intervened. He took Sirius to hueco mundo, the world of hollows, and taught him the basics about being a hollow. He taught Sirius the basics of hollow life. He taught about their powers, evolution, hueco mundo, and what happened to hollow when they died. He began to teach Sirius how to use his hollow powers, which would develop as time went by. Once he learned how to use his hollow powers, he went back to earth and destroyed the roman palace. He then began to destroy homes and businesses. He laughed maniacally as he watched the chaos he was causing. However, the other hollow, who was a vasto lorde, used a garganta to bring him back to hueco mundo. No doubt the shinigami would be sent to investigate the attack.

The vasto lorde began to teach Sirius about the soul society, and the shinigami. Their art of combat, the newly formed shinigami academy, and how deadly a shinigami's zanpakuto was to hollow like them. He also taught him about how to become more powerful. He took his master’s words to heart and began to cannibalize other hollows to increase his own strength. After a few months of cannibalizing hollows, his master decided it was time to show him how delectable a shinigami's blood could be.

Sirius and his master went to earth, and he began to consume human souls to lure a shinigami while his master hid and waited. When the shinigami arrived, Sirius battled him and defeated him. As the victor, he consumed the shinigami’s body whole. After that, he fell in love with shinigami blood. It was the most wonderful thing he'd ever tasted. It took all that he had not to try to lure another one out. The two hollow then returned to hueco mundo. He continued to train his powers, and come up with battle strategies to defeat shinigami. The vasto lorde was pleased with Sirius' progress, and was glad he had taken him under his wing.

For the next 50 years, Sirius continued to devour many souls; human, shinigami, and hollow alike. He was also slowly becoming one of the most notorious hollow on the soul societies wanted list. One day, the soul society sent a vice-captain level shinigami to take him down. Sirius knew this shinigami was more powerful than he was. However, his master was with him, and his master weakened the shinigami for him. Sirius then devoured the shinigami, and transformed into a gillian class menos. He had finally begun his evolutionary process.

Gillian Life: Sirius, like other Gillian, spent his time in the forest of menos. As with most Gillian, he no longer had his own personality or thoughts. He had lost his ability to speak, and his personality was mixed in with the other hollows. He had been separated from his old master and now served a new one, an ajuchas class menos. For 100 years he blindly served this new master, connibalizing other hollows, hoping to further his evolution. As he consumed more and more, he slowly started to regain himself. However, one day, a squadron of shinigami who accidentally wandered into hueco mundo found themselves in the forest of menos. His squadron engaged the shinigami in combat. However, he had slipped away from the group, sensing the shinigami. While the groups were engaged in combat, Sirius had been charging a cero, and fired it toward the roof of the forest. It collapsed in that area, crushing the shinigami and the hollow squadrons. He consumed the fallen hollow and shinigami, giving him a good sense of his personality back, and putting him closer to his second evolution.

After another 200 years had passed, he wondered how long he would be a Gillian, and if he would ever further his evolution. However, he ran into an injured ajuchas who had just lost his soldier Gillian. He tried to convince Sirius to join his new army of Gillian, but Sirius was sick of serving masters. He battled the injured Ajuchas, and consumed the hollow, initiating his second evolution after regaining control of himself.

Ajuchas Life: As when he was an average garden variety hollow, he was a very cocky and arrogant Ajuchas. He began to create his own army of menos to serve him. He knew he would have a better chance of survival if he had an army on his side. It didn't take him long at all to manipulate those half witted gillian, who didn't realize they were merely pawns. It made him wonder what the ajuchas he served thought of him. After 200 years of managing his group, consuming the worthless menos and battling other menos groups, civil war broke out in the forest. Every Ajuchas wanted to rule the forest, and they all had an army of menos ready to help them secure it. However, Sirius saw this war as pointless and moronic. Even if they ruled the forest, they were still subjected to the rule of the hollow king. Sirius consumed the Gillian from his group, and then, for the first time in hunderds of years, left the forest of menos. He would never again enter the forest again.

Evolution to arrancar: Sirius went to las Noches to join Lord Barragan’s espada, wanting to eventually destroy him and take the throne for himself. However, when he arrived, he found out that only Arrancar could become espada. He finalized his evolution that moment, becoming an arrancar. After becoming an arrancar, he fought the cero espada, one of the two opponents who ever caused him to release his resurreccion, and took his place after defeating and consuming him.

Life as an arrancar: He spent the next few months testing his new power and abilities, including his resurreccion. Once he knew the extent of his arrancar powers, the king ordered him and two other arrancar to attack the soul society. He wanted to provoke them into attacking hueco mundo. Sirius and the other two arrancar entered the soul society successfully. Becuase of the barrier they couldn't enter the seireitei, but they knew attacking rukongai would draw the captains to them. They began to ravage rukongai, each one a different district. When the soul society sent the captains after them, they told the captains to meet them in hueco mundo. They retreated back to hueco mundo, and waited for the soul societies counter attack. Their mission was a success, and it was only a matter of time before the soul society would retaliate.

50 years after the attack, the soul society launched an attack on hueco mundo, sending ten captains to deal with the 10 espada. Sirius battled the 5th division captain, a shinigami by the name of Sasuke Ito. He and the shinigami captain battled for a little while, and the captain realized his was outmatched. He released his bankai, giving him the advantage. However, Sirius released into his resurreccion, which was only the second time he ever needed to release his zanpkauto against an opponent. He quickly gained the upper hand in the battle and killed the captain. One other captain, the captain of the 3rd division, was killed.

From then on until Aizen's visit 350 years later, the soul society and hueco mundo were at a stalemate, trying to become more powerful than the other. The two worlds didn't really have any conflicts, though. Barragan wanted to have a ten vasto lorde espada before he attacked the soul society, and he only had none. Instead, he just had Ajuchas and Gillian fight each other and consume each other in an attempt to create more vasto lorde. Occasionally, out of boredom, Barragan would have the current Espada fight each other. One day, 3 shinigami led by a man named Sousuke Aizen visited hueco mundo and took over Barragan's throne. Sirius hadn't been present when the shinigami came, but when they left to finish their job in the soul society and Sirius returned, Barragan told him to leave and grow powerful enough to overthrow the shinigami king. He listened to barragan’s orders for his sole desire to rule Hueco Mundo for himself. He reluctantly left Las Noches, having no desire to serve a shinigami. He fought other hollows to increase his power. He would overthrow the shinigami if he needed to.

Side Note: [Anything you left out? Put it here!]

RP Sample:

Not how I typically role play, but when role playing with someone else that good, here's what I can make happen.
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Alexander Cristo

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PostSubject: Re: Sirius Le'Favre, Arrancar   Mon May 31, 2010 3:04 am

Alrighty so augmentation abilities can only affect one stat, not 3

What does these random wings have to do with anything? I understand that you want your character to look like the anger of death but what animal are you supposed to be? A dragon? A european dragon has wings of a fleshy like scale wing, asian dragons are all scales and are more like a floating snake and have no wings. The wings you are describing are tattered feather wings, which look cool I guess but has nothing to do with dragons. Now if your going for a half dead bird, then ok but then your abilities make no sense.
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Sirius Le'Favre, Arrancar
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