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 Roxas Yuudeshi, Quincy [work in progress]

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Roxas Yuudeshi


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PostSubject: Roxas Yuudeshi, Quincy [work in progress]   Thu May 20, 2010 8:34 pm

Quincy Template

Base Info
Name: Roxas Yuudeshi
Age: 20

Powers: Hirenkyaku, Ranso Tengai
Bow Description: In picture
Quincy items Quincy Cross, Sanrei Glove, Seele Schneider, Silver Tubes

Back Drop
Background: Roxas is a decendant of the Ishida bloodline. From birth, he was always smarter than most kids. He was reading novels at the age of four. He grew up, thinking he was a human. He knew nothing about the existance of quincies, or quincy powers. He was a loner, prefering to read and study rather than play with other kids.

When Roxas entered elementary school, his teachers saw how smart he was and how quickly he learned. In class, he was often times aheaqd of the rest of the class. Becuase of this, he made it to middle school two years early. People often asked him about his young age, and in class, everyone wanted to be his partner.

One night, when he was 10 year old, Roxas had a vision were Uryu Ishida, his great grandfather, told him about his lineage, and taught him to awaken his spiritual powers. His life would never be the same again. The next morning, he woke up and thought it was a dream. He looked outside, though, and saw what he was taught by his great grandfather, was a hollow. It hadn't been a dream. He also saw a shinigami, something that was unknown to him, kill the hollow.

From that night onward, Roxas continued to have visions of his grandfather, who taught him many things. He was taught about the quincy excecution, about a quincy's powers, and how to use them. Roxas couln't believe shinigami wiped out almost the entire quincy race, but he could understand why they did it. Unlike most quincies, he felt no hatred toward shinigami. He trained his quincy powers, learning how to manipulate the reiatsu and reiryoku of others. He also learned how to perform Hirenkyaku.

On his fifteenth birthday, two years after his grandfather had quit appearing to him in his dreams, he appearaed once again. He told Roxas about the sanrei glove, a device that could help train a quincy to it's full power quicker. He gave Roxas the instructions on how they were created, and said he could use it when the time was right. He also warned Roxas about the penalties of removing the sanrei glove.

Side Note: [Anything not said in the above categories can be told here!]

RP Sample: [Show us what you're made of.]
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Roxas Yuudeshi, Quincy [work in progress]
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