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 ~Site Plot~

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Kenta Takeshi

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PostSubject: ~Site Plot~   Thu Apr 29, 2010 3:07 am

The infamous race war raged between the Arrancar and the Shinigami. Aizen and his army of Espada began to fall, one at a time, until even the Primero Espada fell. All that were left of the Arrancar forces were Aizen, Tosen, and Gin. Yamamoto's favorites, Kyoraku and Ukitake, apprehended Tosen and Gin. Both were later executed at Soukyoku Hill. Yamamoto however, turned out to be no match for Aizen, and was sliced to pieces by Aizen's blade. Seeing this victory for Aizen, the rest of the captains fled back to Seireitei to try and regroup. Aizen finally obtained the Ouken and traveled to the realm of the Spirit King. The gates closed behind him, trapping him inside the realm. With Aizen’s army of Arrancar gone, the Shinigami began to worry about what might be happening in the Spirit King’s realm. Rumors spread that Aizen might have been killed, and yet other rumors said that he killed the Spirit King and took over.

The remaining Captains failed to anticipate the attack of an ambitious Arrancar named Kuroi, along with a few of his ‘friends’. In an instant, almost half of Seireitei's forces were destroyed. The Gotei 13 were utterly destroyed. All Captains and Vice Captains were killed, as well as many of the other seated officers. The Visoreds, lead by Shinji Hirako, infiltrated Soul Society, but found a one-sided struggle. Deciding to side with the people who cast them aside as monsters, the Vizoreds fought against the Arrancar. The battle was fierce but using the last ounce of their strength, they were able to push Kuroi back, tricking him into a Garganta. He was sent, along with his only remaining allies, Fubuki and Aikel, back to Hueco Mundo. The group of Vizoreds under Shinji were utterly destroyed, though a few of the bodies were never found…

On that day, an era of restoration began for the Shinigami. Though they were still active in the Human world, they were severely handicapped by the losses of their troops. Thus, the Zero Division came out from the gates of Heaven. They merely stated that until new captains were chosen, and Seireitei was put back into order, they would be supervising the restoration.

After a couple of years, the surviving officers began to shine and thus a new regime of Captains was established. For helping the Shinigami in their battle against Kuroi, Visoreds were accepted into the Gotei 13. However, this decision was not met with open arms and some captains believed that the Visoreds were no different than the arrancar that had massacred them.

The peace was already shaky enough, until a new royal decree was announced. It stated the phasing out of the Central 46, changing everything into a complete monarchy under the rule of the Spirit King, wherein all Shinigami shall follow his rule without question. The orders were supposed to be carried out through the new Commander General, a man that the Spirit King had appointed himself. This did not pan out as planned, and was met with several mixed reactions. The Visoreds however, with their supposed leader Kenta, highly disapproved. There was something happening with the chain of command, and they weren't sure what it was.

Moreover, a new law was passed and enforced by the new Commander General. The law stated that Shinigami would from then on not interfere in the affairs of the human world, and that anyone caught there would be punished severely. The law shocked every Shinigami in Seireitei. The Visored believed that they were allowing Hollows to freely consume human souls, something their predecessors had risked their lives to end. But the Spirit King’s word was law, and nothing could be done.

Kenta, seeing this as an opportunity to gain more power, decided to weave a web of lies that would gnaw at the loyalties of those with doubts. He suggested that Aizen had bided his time, waiting for the right moment to take over the Spirit King’s throne, and that it was likely that he had recently put his plans into effect. He had no basis for this, but it only took a little of his charisma to pull some of his colleagues into believing him. And so, a Revolution was formed to combat the reigning monarchy and re-establish the Soul Society to its former glory. But this will not be easy, as other Shinigami will most likely oppose the Revolution. But of course, most of them do not know that this is merely Kenta's front. If he is able to secure the throne, then he will be the new Spirit King.

Recently, Kuroi and a Vizored organization named Kishimasuku have joined forces in mutual peace. It is yet to be known if this applies to wartime affairs or not. Seireitei is in a general peace, having appointed new seated officers in each of the Divisions. There’s a tension in the air though, as if something big is about to happen…

Meanwhile back in the human realm, with the shinigami no longer fighting off hollows, the attacks have been brutal. The few scattered and remaining quincies have returned from retirement and began training humans who held abilities to fight hollows to try and counter act the lack of shinigami supervision. They created a school known as "Ekusoshisuto" training many different adept humans. Finally the new headmaster of the school Alexander Cristo, has decided that it is time they take the fight back to hollows and the shinigami who have abandoned them to die.
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~Site Plot~
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