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PostSubject: Selkie   Wed May 26, 2010 12:27 pm

Visored Template

Basic Info

Name: Selkie (still no last name)
Age: 28
True Age: 415

Apparel: Selkie wears his shinigami attire from when he was a taicho of the Gotei 13, however, that part of his outfit is not easily visable anymore. Over it, he wears a black cloak that conceals the shinigami shihaksho and the taicho haori, however a slight bit of the hakama can be seen as the cloak ends slightly below the shins. He is mostly always wearing a hood to cover his face from others, but when he's fighting he'll always remove the hood as it causes visual imparements. Instead of the shinigami sandles, Selkie now wears black shoes which he feels is more comfortable fighting in.

Personality: Selkie's personality is one that is very unpredictable. He can go from extremely bored, to uncontrollably excited. This usually happens when something interesting has came up and wants to avoid or stop what he was doing before. He's usually lazy when it comes to his training, so more often than not, he'd rather be somewhere else, or find an excuse to stall and procrastinate on what needs to get done. Since becoming a vaizard, Selkie has had a hatred for the shinigami in the Soul Society. Even though they did have a captain as a vaizard, it still didn't sit well with them that another one of their leaders had became one as well. Their hypocracy for accepting one and not the other left him filled with rage and wanted revenge on the shinigami's judgement upon him.


Zanpakutou Name: Akakakuhan

Zanpakutou Apparel: Selkie's zanpackto is a standard katana in both size and length that all shinigami get upon graduating from the academy, however he had a slight modification on the design made for him. The hilt is wrapped in red cloth and the guard makes a block letter U shape ( |_| <-- like that). Other than that, it's a normal katana.

Zanpakutou Spirit: Akakakuhan has pink hair and wears shinigami robes. She has no visable scars but has one on her chest. She is very hot headed and will make fun of Selkie whenever she gets the opportunity to. When this happens, Selkie usually just tunes her out or bashes her right back until she stops agggrivating him (which never seems to work as she'll always want the last word). She is a sadist who wants nothing more than to see the screams of pain from her victims. She is about 5'9'' and weighs around 150 lbs.

Upon Hollowfication, Selkie has gained another entity inside his inner world. This being is Forcystus. He is a man roughly 6'1 with black hair and demonic red eyes. He is pure evil no matter which way you look at him. He wants one thing and one thing only, and that is to control Selkie's body and call it his own. Upon being conqured by Selkie, he had no choice but to allow him (Selkie) to use his powers while he sat back and watched, but he would like nothing more than to try and conqure Selkie. Akakakuhan though keeps him in check with her powers and is able to negate whatever effects he were to have on Selkie.

Zanpakutou Inner World: Selkie's inner world is a castle on a cliff with the sea crashing against the side where Akakakuhan resides. She can usually be found in the throne room of the castle sitting upon said throne, thinking herself to be a Queen of sorts. The decore of the castle is from the Victorian Era and sometimes even Akakakuhan herself dresses in such fashion.

With the addition of his hollow, the castle gives off more of a darker and sinister look than normal. What were elegant paintings now were tainted with pictures of destruction and violence. His hollow, wanders the halls of the castle. Akakakuhan and Forcystus don't get along naturally, though they share one thing in common. They both want to see no harm done to Selkie, but each others rational is different obviously. Akakakuhan's is more sincere whereas Forcystus' doesn't want him to die before he would be able to take over his body (or attempt to again)


Call Out Phrase: Rasshuauto Akakakuhan

Shikai Apparel: The blade transforms into a whip that is separated into ten different shards that make up the blade. The shards themselves are held together by a string of Selkie's reiatsu that extends out from the guard of the blade to the very last shard. It can also revert back into a normal sword, while still in shikai, if Selkie needs to have it do that

Shikai Abilities: In this form, Selkie can use his whip however he pleases. All of the attacked are done mentally inside of his head (though the actions and movements of the shads can be read), unless he makes a physical motion with the whip to head in another direction. It can extend up to 30 meters in any direction. Meaning that it's full travel distance without having to coil back is thirty meters. The blade can also burrow underground and make it's way towards it's opponent by having Selkie direct it's motion.

Aside from that, the blade has one other ability. By having the reiatsu strand pour into the shards, Selkie can have his ten shards fly around him and attack his opponents. This is his preferred method of attacking in shikai, since the shards can move quicker than they would if they were attached to his blade, and are restricted by distance only by how far Selkie can see. However, as since this uses up reiatsu, and the shards themselves have a set amount stored up in them, this only lasts for a couple of minutes (3-5 posts). After the time is up, the shards automatically use up the rest of their reiatsu by attaching themselves back onto the guard of the blade, and a new reiatsu strand is formed.


Call Out Phrase: Nyuuyoku oite chi, hone no Akakakuhan (though it's not always needed)

Bankai Apparel: When going from shikai to bankai, Selkie stabs his zanpackto in his chest. When doing so, the blade infuses with his body, transforming all of the bones in his body to the whips of his shikai. He also gain’s some light armor, which is white (bone), around his body. There is a pentagram on his chest, the location of where he stabbed himself. This pentegram is the key for sealing his bankai, and only he can deactivate it (in case someone was able to get close to him and press that spot XD...can't make it too easy). The whips now look a bit different then they did in shikai. The shards themselves are sharper, and the sides are now jagged to cause more damage, as well as look a little more demonic and blood thirsty. When Selkie is in his bankai form, his eyes change from the normal blue, to a blood red. In this form, he appears to give off more of a demonic vibe than anything else. This is caused by his massive craving of blood, hence Akakakuhan (bloody whip).

Bankai Abilities: When in bankai form, Selkie is able to use all of the whips in his body as a weapon, or as a shield, whichever is necessary at the moment. The whips are released from his body at 8 different areas. These are both of his hands, legs, feet, as well as his chest and back. When the whips exits and enters his body, no blood is lost and no damage is done to Selkie. Once they exit the body, the whips act as if it was in it’s shikai form. They share the same traits as well. The ability to extend out 100 feet, the ability to lose the shards that are attached to the reiatsu strand, and the ability to barrow underground. The shards, whether on the reiatsu string or not, act to how Selkie thinks. If he wishes for them to spin on the strand, they will do it. If he wishes for them to fly around his head, they will do that. The danger of using his bones as whips is that if he, or someone else damages a whip, it will also damage the bone that the whip corresponds to once he exits bankai. The speed of the whips are as fast, if not faster than, a Cero

Hollow/Mask Abilities

Mask: Selkie's mask looks similar to that of a wolf. His mask contains two horns on the sides of his head (1 per side (just for appearal reasons)) and red lines that go down each side of the face where the eye is (so essentially draw a line straight through the eyeand that's what you would get). The mouth is standard but with two fangs on the ends, again, just for show.

Hollow Control: Class 2 vaizard

Abilities: Bala, Regneration, and Cero

Selkie's Cero is different than a normal Cero. Something in the hollowfication process went wrong and caused Selkie's Cero to be altered slightly. Normally, a Cero is fired from either the hand or mouth. With Selkie though, that's not the case. Instead, he needs a channeler of sorts, a focus point with which to release his cero from. That focus point is his shards. Because of this, Selkie is only able to use his Cero while in shikai or bankai form.

The power of the Cero when fired from the shards is never the same, but always follows this formula:

Power of Cero = 1/x where x= the number of shards per whip-blade.

Essentially, this is what the formula says. Since each whip, even in bankai, has 10 shards, each held together by a reiatsu strand of Selkie's, every shard can fire a Cero from it. However, this doesn't mean that if he were to fire 10 Cero's at once that the power of every shards would be the equivalent of 1 Cero. Instead, to compensate for the numerous Cero's he can fire, each Cero is reduced in power by the number of shards on that blade that are firing a Cero in that instant. So if 4 shards were firing a Cero at the same time, the power of each Cero would be reduced by 1/4 original power.

If the shards happen to be off of the reiatsu strand, they can still fire a Cero, however, they will always have a fixed power of 1/10 an original Cero's power at Selkie's level (which is still powerful, but not as powerful if he were to fire a single Cero). After firing the Cero, the shard(s) return to the reiatsu strand immediately and attach themselves to the blade.

Admin Note: [Visoreds are extremely powerful beings and shall be looked at closely as they are even rarer than Arrancar. Keep this in mind, that ALL staff will look at this application and have the power to revoke your status as a Visored if it is shown you can not handle the power. This is Bleach and we shall keep it within the Bleach realm. Be real when you make a Visored!]

Back Drop

Background: In his previous life, Selkie was an average high schooler, attending the public high school. It was his sophomore year in high school, and he had just gotten out for April Vacataion. His life was basic. Go to school, go to his classes, go to work (if he was schedualed), get home, watch some tv, do his homework, relax, play video games, then go to bed. However, the normal life he had, was all about to change.

A few days later, his mother had brought him to the bank to start up his own bank account. After everything was set up, his mother went to go to the car to grab his paycheck when four men wearing black skii masks went into the bank and attempted a robbery. Selkie, who was in one of the rooms closest to the door, attempted to escape while the robbers were busy trying to get the tellers to fill their bags with money. One of them noticed that he was trying to escape and shot him in the arm. He desperately tried to find his mother, but with the bullet wound causing massive blood loss, all Selkie could do was wander down the sidewalks, trying to find some help.

It was then that Selkie felt something pierce his back. At that time, he thought that he had been shot again. However, it was a hollow that had killed him back then. The scent of his blood drew it towards him, and it was able to pierce it's back. When it was about to devour Selkie's soul, a shinigami had came and rescued him, and not a moment too soon. Selkie was sent to Soul Society that very day. The only thing that he didn't bring along with him, was the memory of his former family.

He was brought up instead, by a rukongai family in one of the middle districts. Not too long after, he had the idea of becoming a Shinigami just like the one that had saved him that fateful day. He enrolled into the academy where he spent the next four years of his afterlife training to become a shinigami. He graduated in the middle of his class, and was accepted into gotei 13. Over the years of his membership in the Gotei 13, Selkie haad climbed through the ranks and been accepted by his peers as a good leader. His hard work, good leadership, and quality skills have proven enough to the other captains and he was appointed the rank of 3rd squad captain, and has maintained that position for a ffew years now.

After being captain for a while, Selkie ran into another vaizard named Zarkai and fought him (Zarkai initiated it due to his hatred for the Soul Society). During the battle, Zarkai wounded Selkie's soul chain so bad that if he left him the way he was, Selkie would die. The only way to save the boy's life would be to hollowfy him, e.g., turn him into a vaizard. Upon doing so, and submissing his hollow half (assuming that will indeed happen), Selkie regained control over his shinigami powers and attained some hollow powers thanks to Forcystus. He know travels along with Zarkai as they plan their revenge against the Soul Society for outcasting them and hunting them down.

Though that was what Zarkai thought was happening. Instead, Selkie decided to head on back to the Soul Society alone. He went straight to the first division headquaters and entered a captain's meeting, still considered an enemy of the Soul Society. However, only two people knew of what acctually was going on, Kenta, the captain commander, and Selkie. Selkie had been given orders from central 46 to shadow the vaizard known as Zarkai for as long as he could, and to report back whenever he got a chance to. Kenta easily welcomed him back among the ranks of captain once again, however, the others weren't as easily forgiving as their captain commander. He now stands back as the third division captain, and untrusted among his colleagues.


Strength: 60 SP
Speed: 60 SP
Kido Mastery: 20 SP
Endurance: 15 SP
Dexterity: 15 SP
Intelligence: 10 SP
Shikai/Bankai Control: 30 SP
Mask Control: 20 SP
Total Points: 230

Standard w/mask:

Strength: 75 SP
Speed: 75 SP
Kidou Mastery: 35 SP
Endurance: 30 SP
Dexterity: 30 SP
Intellegence: 25 SP
Shikai/Bankai Control: 45 SP
Mask Control: 35 SP
Total Points: 350 SP


Strength: 90 SP
Speed: 90 SP
Kidou Mastery: 50 SP
Endurance: 45 SP
Dexterity: 45 SP
Intellegence: 40 SP
Shikai/Bankai Control: 60 SP
Mask Control: 50 SP
Total Points: 470 SP

Shikai w/mask:

Strength: 105 SP
Speed: 105 SP
Kidou Mastery: 65 SP
Endurance: 60 SP
Dexterity: 60 SP
Intellegence: 55 SP
Shikai/Bankai Control: 75 SP
Mask Control: 65 SP
Total Points: 590 SP


Strength: 180 SP
Speed: 180 SP
Kidou Mastery: 100 SP
Endurance: 90 SP
Dexterity: 90 SP
Intellegence: 80 SP
Shikai/Bankai Control: 120 SP
Mask Control: 100 SP
Total Points: 940 SP

Bankai w/ mask

Stength: 195 SP
Speed: 195 SP
Kidou Mastery: 115 SP
Endurance: 105 SP
Dexterity: 105 SP
Intellegence: 95 SP
Shikai/Bankai Control: 135 SP
Mask Control: 115 SP
Total Points: 1060 SP


RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Selkie   Wed May 26, 2010 1:41 pm

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Kenta Takeshi

Posts : 75
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PostSubject: Re: Selkie   Wed May 26, 2010 1:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Selkie   

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