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 Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Finished)

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Mayuri Kurotsuchi

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PostSubject: Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Finished)   Sun May 30, 2010 5:33 pm

Shinigami Template

Basic Info

Name: Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Age: 25-30
True Age: 1500

Mayuri appears to be a robotic clown from a distance. However, when you take a closer look, Mayuri is perfectly 'human' in the appearance sense. He looks just like another shinigami hidden behind funky hats and makeup. His hair is blue and his eyes are gold. Mayuri wears a long pointed hat the points out sideways and makeup that makes him look similar to a raccoon. The outside of his face is white, while the inside is shaped in a black 'T' minus a strip on the nose and under the lip which is white. On his right hand middle finger, Mayuri has an abnormally long finger nail. In place of his ears, Mayuri has little cone-like things that stick out on both sides of his head. However, these aren't just a appearance ploy. Instilled within these cones are scythes that Mayuri can swing around with an intestine-like substance. In all cases of the word, Mayuri is quite a creepy man.

Around his neck, Mayuri wears a large purple scarf. Mayuri's teeth are golden as well, giving them a very ancient look. From his face plate the surrounds his face, which also includes his cone ears, he has a chin piece that jarts out and resembles that of an ancient egyptian pharaoh. Mayuri's appearance has changed quite a few times over the course of the manga.

Mayuri wears the traditional shinigami garb and captain's haori with their emblem on the back and the color lined on the inside of the haori. Besides his face, the only other thing strange about Mayuri's appearance is the placement of his zanpakuto. Instead of to the side like most, Mayuri chooses to wear his zanpakuto in front for reasons I do not know.


Mayuri's personality seems to match his appearance very well. He is a creepy shinigami who enjoys the dark and locking himself in his lab. Mayuri has a very short temper for any nieussances. Mayuri takes on all aspects of a mad scientist portrayed in many horror films such as Frankenstein. Mayuri is known to be the most sadistic and cruel of all of the shinigami. He enjoys examining anything at the cost of their own personal health, uncaring of how much pain he might cause them. Mayuri sees everything not as living beings but as research specimen, including himself and his zanpakuto.

In battle, Mayuri likes to play with his opponent, torturing them little by little until they can hardly stand. Every time he fights he uses it as an experiment testing himself and his opponent little by little. He also uses it as an oppurtunity to implant microbes or other things in case they get away. Before engaging, though, he will make extensive research on his possible opponents to tilt the chance of winning to his side. It is seen that, before the Winter War, he is busy reading in the library with a note on the door saying, "Enter and Die." He's shown to be doing this every time before he fights, against both the Bounts and the Espada. (Last paragraph from Bleach Wikia)

    Division: 0
    Seat: Vice Captain

Zanpakutou Name: Ashisogi Jizō
Zanpakutou Apparel:

Zanpakutou Spirit:

Zanpakutou Inner World:

Since Ashisogi Jizo is the keeper of children in the underworld, I've decided to place the inner world in the underworld, obvioiusly. =P

Sealed Ability:
Liquid Form: When Mayuri's stabs himself with his Zanpakutō while in its sealed state, it has the ability to transform Mayuri into a liquid form. Doing so doesn't kill him, as it is a last resort technique, but instead simply leaves him unable to attack or be attacked, making it an effective escape tool. He commonly can move around in this form and speak as well. He reforms after a few days but without any of his previous body modifications. It's uncertain whether this ability is entirely the product of Ashisogi Jizō, since he specifically relates the ability to himself, not opponents. His various physical modifications may have something to do with the effect or it could be an effect of Zanpakutō modification


Call Out Phrase: Rip
Shikai Apparel:
Ashisogi Jizō's blade glows and transforms into a deformed trident with curved, serpentine blades, the middle blade is straighter and longer than the side blades and appear to ascend from the guard which is shaped like a baby's head with hands clasped in prayer (as Ksitigarbha is depicted), all mounted on his sword's normal hilt which has more ornate spiky protrusions on either side, which resemble golden leaves right below the guard. The baby's mouth secretes a poisonous vapor in this form at various intervals.

Shikai Abilities:
The weapon works like the venom of a spider bite; when an opponent is stabbed by Ashisogi Jizō, it severs the brain signals controlling the neural impulses for movement in the limbs of the victim, regardless of where they were struck. But unlike regular paralysis, the pain receptors and nerve endings are unaffected by the weapon, so the victim can still feel pain, even in a paralyzed limb. During the Bount arc, it is shown that healing the stab wound does not immediately remove the inflicted paralysis.


Call Out Phrase: Bankai, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō
Bankai Apparel:

Bankai Abilities:

Bankai Special Ability: The creature breathes a poisonous derivative of Mayuri's blood which is lethal to anyone who breathes it, aside from Mayuri and Nemu. The poison spreads through such a wide area, and it is almost impossible to avoid it. Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō's poison is very potent, as Szayel Aporro's body started to break down immediately after it was introduced. The poison has an antidote, which Nemu keeps behind her lieutenant's badge, and which Mayuri keeps on his person. Mayuri can change the composition of the poison as well, ensuring that no foolproof antidote can ever be manufactured to cure it, and no immunity is developed against it. Even if the opponent does not breathe, the poison will still enter their body. So far, the only way to be unaffected by the poison is to repel it with a sufficient amount of reiatsu. Anyone within the vicinity of the person repeling the poison will also be unaffected.

Retractable Blades: Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō can produce numerous blades which can also extend from its chest, allowing it to run through and skewer opponents. This, used simultaneously with its poison makes Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō particularly lethal to anyone that cannot keep a safe distance, which is also difficult due to its immense size. Instead of the blades, it can also apparently devour an opponent after it charges into them, killing them.

Self-Destruct Protocol: Mayuri has also physically modified Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō itself so that it will self-destruct and return to its sealed state if it were to attack him

Back Drop


Little is known about the early history of Mayuri, except that 110 years ago he was the only prisoner in the Maggot's Nest who was considered dangerous enough to necessitate confinement in a small prison cell, chained to the wall by his ankle. He would, however, one day be visited by Kisuke Urahara who was seeking his genius to become vice-president in the newly thought-of Shinigami Research and Development Institute, a request that would automatically get him out of there. At first Mayuri refused, until Kisuke began teasing him with the fact that he had nothing to tinker with down there and that, as vice-president, he would inherit everything should something happen to Urahara.

9 years later Mayuri was seen with Kisuke Urahara and Hiyori Sarugaki walking through the Seireitei when they were greeted by 5th Division captain Shinji Hirako and his lieutenant Sōsuke Aizen. Mayuri showed a distaste for Shinji as he refused to call Mayuri by his full name and only called him by his first, which was too familiar for Mayuri's liking. He seemingly was uninterested in the conversation between Urahara and Aizen who was explaining that the 9th Division had been sent on a special investigation to find out what was happening with the disappearances in the Rukongai.

Mayuri working at the Research and Development InstituteDuring her brief time as a member of the institute, Hiyori served as a lab manager, which resulted in clashes with Mayuri, who was then 3rd Seat & Vice-President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, over who had more authority under the Captain. The two constantly got into an ongoing argument about whose in charge, prompting Hiyori to call in Urahara. He explained to her that with the disappearances occurring he had created a new type of Gigai. Before Hiyori could respond they were interrupted by the arrival of Todō Gizaeimon, the 6th Seat of the 9th Division. Urahara agreed to send a researcher over to the investigation site as per the request of captain Kensei Muguruma of the 9th Division. Urahara elected Hiyori to go to the site, to which she became irritated and asked why he couldn't send someone less important, referring to lab assistant Akon. He questioned if she should continue being a lieutenant prompting Hiyori to attack him, though he simply dodged her. Though reluctant Hiyori gave in once Urahara explained that she was the only one that he could trust with the task.

After an incident that got Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi banished and several captains and seated officers Hollowfied, Mayuri later succeeded Urahara in leading the Research and Development Institute as well becoming captain of the 12th Division of the Gotei 13.

He also experimented on Quincy, including Sōken Ishida, Uryū's master and grandfather, in his studies. He believed that upon Sōken Ishida's death the Quincy had been entirely wiped out, and was disappointed to learn that Uryū was a Quincy because he considered his study of the Quincy complete and did not want any further Quincy specimens

Mayuri is present at a meeting of the Gotei 13 captains which is convened so that Captain Gin Ichimaru can explain his suspicious actions. Gin, being one of the thirteen captains, should have had no trouble destroying Ichigo and his friends. Gin merely chalks it up to a mistake on his part. Though Mayuri and Kenpachi Zaraki argue over the possibility of him purposefully letting them go, which grows into a argument between the two until they are silenced by Captain-Commander Yamamoto.

During the Ryoka Invasion of Soul Society, Mayuri attempts to search for the Ryoka and use them as test subjects. During the search, Mayuri tries to give a unsanctioned interrogation to Ikkaku Madarame while he is healing in the 4th Division headquarters. Ikkaku refuses to tell him the details of his fight. Disturbed that Ikkaku has nothing to offer, he states that he will need to be punished for his behavior, though Mayuri is promptly stopped by Zaraki (who asks him since when does he have authority over the members of other divisions). Mayuri quickly leaves.

Mayuri blowing-up his subordinatesHe eventually meets up with Uryū Ishida and Orihime Inoue, whom he tries to capture using his own squad members as bombs. After Mayuri blows up the last of his men, he sees Orihime's Santen Kesshun technique has protected her and Ishida from the blast. Ishida turns his sights on Mayuri, who is now interested in studying Orihime because of her shield, asking if she would like to be his research subject. Mayuri, undeterred by Ishida, continues to add incentives to Orihime to become his subject by issuing offers he normally wouldn't. Mayuri then notices Ishida standing next to him pointing a bow, and tells him that he is pretty fast for a Quincy. Mayuri then states that they are a rare breed and he hasn't seen one alive for many years, but he notes that he has no interest in the Quincy as he finished studying their kind some time ago. When this causes Ishida to question who he is, Mayuri is taken aback at the idea that Ishida and his friends would invade Soul Society without doing their homework and at the very least they should know who the Gotei 13 captains were. Mayuri then gives his name, rank and position, realizing what they are up against, Ishida tells Orihime to run for it as he takes on Mayuri. Not about to lose a test subject, Mayuri extends his arm to catch Orihime but it is shot off by one of Ishida's spiritual arrows.

Mayuri is disappointed at the state of his extension arm and detaches it from his body much to Ishida's surprise. He then takes out and uses his Hojiku-Zai which instantly regenerates his arm further surprising Ishida. He then goes on to say that it really doesn't matter if Orihime got away he can always track her down and the sooner he does the sooner he can begin testing. Ishida fires his spiritual arrows at him though Mayuri dodges the first couple of shots and then uses Shunpo to maneuver to a nearby roof. Mayuri makes note that Ishida has been using Hirenkyaku, an advanced Quincy technique similar to Shunpo. Mayuri states that, though he can use Shunpo to counter the technique, it is tiresome to use and he can't have Ishida moving all over the place, thus he resolves to kill him. Mayuri then releases his Shikai and before Ishida can counter with a spirit arrow he is stopped by Mayuri's lieutenant Nemu who blocks him causing them both to be injured by Mayuri's attack. Mayuri is livid that Nemu had let go of Ishida after the attack, and hits her as she begs for forgiveness. Mayuri then turns his attention back to Ishida so that he can finish him off.

Side notes:

Master Scientist/Inventor: As the head of the Shinigami Research Institute, Mayuri is a talented inventor and scientist, having created a number of devices or techniques to aid him in battle or otherwise. As Mayuri is the mad scientist archetype embodied, he has no morals or empathy in everyday life and apparently his work is devoid of it as well. He is willing to go to any lengths he feels are necessary to achieve his goals, and apparently cares very little for morals or the value of human life. He often takes no interest in the issues of Soul Society and prefers to engage in his research when such issues arise, unless personally ordered to do otherwise by General Yamamoto.

Master Strategist: Mayuri has a talent for being well prepared. He takes various precautions before engaging in personal combat with an adversary, usually studying them through his various methods in order to gain a clear advantage. He seems to always have a contingency plan if something doesn't work out the way he expects.

Body Modification Expert: It is implied that Mayuri has done extensive research on modifying bodies, and he has upgraded a variety of his own body parts to function as weapons or otherwise provide him with useful abilities.

Extension Arm: His left arm can extend out like a grappling hook. When the arm is attacked it explodes on impact, but with his regenerative serum, this is not a problem (though it does cause him serious pain).

Hidden Kusarigama: He is able to pull part of his ear out to form a scythe attached to a rope-like ligament for use as a kusarigama. It is easily as sharp as a standard Zanpakutō, and he is quite skilled in its use.

Environment Melding Technique: Another one of Mayuri's abilities likely achieved scientifically is his ability to meld with the color and texture of the environment. It was shown when he was attempting to track the Ryoka in Soul Society. When he reveals himself, the topical camouflage flakes away.

Organ Replacement Surgery: Most impressively, he has demonstrated the ability to replace functional internal organs with false ones, a feat he performs on himself and his lieutenant to safeguard them from injury. This particular operation is conceived of and carried out in the span of less than an hour.

Master Chemist: Being the current head of the Research an Development Institute, Mayuri has otherwise been shown to be an adept chemist; the results of which are listed here:

The Superhuman Drug.Superhuman Drug: Mayuri has manufactured a "superhuman drug" that can slow down a person's perception of time. The drug is kept in a bottle by him, but also inside Nemu's body, which is blue in appearance. It is able to make one second seem like 100 years for the unfortunate victim to whom it is administered. An undiluted dose of the drug causes the senses to speed up trillions of times while the relatively "slow" body fails to keep up, resulting in paralysis; on the other hand, it is implied that a diluted dose of the drug can greatly enhance the user's reaction speed. He even stated that a single droplet would have to be diluted 250,000 times to be suitable for use.

The Regenerative Serum, used on Uryū Ishida.Hojiku-Zai (Regenerative Serum): Mayuri has also developed a "regenerative serum," which can regrow limbs upon injection, and looks like some sort of green chemical. It can also be used to heal less severe injuries, as seen with Uryū and Renji.

Tracking Expert: He expresses the fact that he merely needs a strand of a person's hair to find them. By using a simple chemical process he can discern the location of the person in question using their DNA is a reference.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: While not masterful in swordsmanship as some other captains, Mayuri is skilled enough to hold his own in a fight. His expertise with his Zanpakutō lies in his effective use of its abilities while its in either its Shikai or Bankai release states, rather than his swordsmanship skill. He relies on those abilities or his pre-planned strategies rather than actually engaging in melee combat with his opponent. Mayuri seems to be ambidextrous, as he wields his Zanpakutō in his right hand and his scythe-ear in his left (often simultaneously). In the anime-exclusive Bount arc, he briefly wields his Zanpakutō left-handed as well.

Kidō Master: As the Captain of the Twelfth Division, Mayuri is known for his mastery of Kidō. He is capable of releasing a destructive form of Kidō silently from the palm of his hands, blasting holes through walls.[60] During the Bount arc, Shunsui commented there was a rumor that Mayuri was one of the most proficient Kidō users in the Soul Society.

Flash Steps Expert: Mayuri was shown easily outrunning Uryū's Hirenkyaku technique after the latter stated it to be faster than Shunpo. He could not, however, keep up with the Quincy when he entered the Final Form, making him at least an expert in the technique.

Great Spiritual Power: As the Captain of the 12th Division, Mayuri boasts a great amount of spiritual energy. He is noted to having amazing spiritual pressure that comes in waves.

Enhanced Durability: Mayuri has shown himself to have a high tolerance to pain as shown when battling Uryū Ishida, having almost half of his body blown off but continued fighting

RP Sample:

Kenta merely watched all the attacks that came at him. The water coffin, the lightning strike. Kenta, however, was not to worried about the attacks. As they struck his body, he was only left with a few scratches. His hair was now hanging down, he no longer had it put up like horns. He was dripping wet. "Well now," he said. "This will never do." Kenta let out a rush of wind, finally revealing his true power to them all. The wind rushed and swirled around him rapidly, drying him off. He then focused the wind's spiral in his hair, and put it back up. "Much better." he said smiling. "I wouldn't dare kill you all looking so awful." he spoke, wiping off his sleeves. He looked over and saw everyone who was now releasing their swords. "Good, Good." He spoke. "Get your hopes up, I love it when they do that. Makes killing you all more satisfying, not only crushing your bones, but your hope of defeating me." Kenta looked over to see the dark mist appear. He did not budge, he did not look worried. He saw the dark, mysterious woman appear and kill of the other woman. "Well..." he looked intrigued now. "It seems we have another who wishes to join in my excitement." Kenta allowed her to help, he knew that there were even too many for him to handle. "Now then, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" Another gust of wind formed near Kenta. He held his hands out as two swords began to manifest themselves. Kenta looked over at a foolish man was now lunging at him. "Humph!" Kenta glared. "You think 3 attacks at once can stop me?" Kenta began to laugh. He watched the man grow closer and closer along with his attacks. Kenta just stood there, or so it seemed. The attacks went right through him once again. There was laughter coming from far off where the attacks were being made on him. He was walking closer and closer. "Pathetic fool, sneak attacks won't work." He slashed the air with his right blade, and then his left. Blades flew through the air, inching closer and closer to the man who had just attacked.

"Damn it. He's become even more powerful now with this new person coming into the picture." Karma spoke, almost to himself. He knew he would have to act fast. Karma looked over as someone began to attack him head on. A flash of red and a flash of blue were heading toward Kenta at the same time along with the man who shot them. Karma knew this would never work. And from the site of it, it didn't. Kenta was now standing far from where the attacks were to collide. He saw the blades of wind flying at the nameless man. "You see now?" Karma spoke turning back to the group. "We need to follow plan, one person is not enough for him." Karma looked at Kenta again. "Okay, commence the operation." With those words spoken, Karma disappeared and was now setting up in his position. He was hoping the others did not mess the plan up. Karma was out of Kenta's site now, standing behind him, slightly, and 100 feet away.

Kenta looked out of the corner of his eye, toward the direction of Karma. "Humph!" Kenta expressed. "You think you can go behind me and expect me not to know?" Kenta turned rapidly, swinging both of his blades at the same time, increasing their speed drastically compared to the first two he shot at the nameless man. Karma stood there, in shock, watching the blades fly closer and closer to him. He was paralyzed by this site. Kenta had caught him off guard. The wind blades flew right through Karma. "Foolish shinigami." Kenta laughed as he walked over to the 3 piece corpse now. Karma's head was no longer attached to his body, and his torso had separated from his legs. Karma was now hovering over the body. "There goes the last shimmer of light for the rest of these infidels" Kenta squatted down and ran his finger through the blood, pouring out of the body. Kenta stood back up, blood dripping from his fingers. He stuck his tongue out and licked the blood off of his fingers. He always tasted the blood of his opponent after victory. It was like his trophy. When he finished cleaning his fingers off of the crimson residue, he turned to the others. "Who's blood will be the next to slide down my throat?" Kenta's smile grew. This fight was like a feast for him. No, Kenta was not a vampire, but he enjoyed the taste of blood just like one.

Kenta wanted to cause more torment in these poor, innocent souls. The whites of his eyes began to turn a dark yellow. The pupils turned pitch black, much like his soul. Kenta let the wind sword in his right hand disappear as he lifted his hand up into the air. Spirit particles gathered to that area bit by bit, forming his hollow mask. It was the color of any hollow mask, white. Three horns grew from the top right of the mask, the next one smaller than the one before, going up to the top. The left side had a black fire emblem, rising up into the horns, circling the eye hole of the mask. The bottom of the mask was jaw-less. There were jagged teeth that hung down below. The mask left Kenta's chin showing as he put it on his face. He now looked even more demonic than before. He darted his face to look right at the groups of people, huddling around, planning. Manifesting the sword in his right hand back, he swung the swords again as wind blades flew out toward the groups. Knowing that one to each group would not be enough, he swung them back the other way, shooting one to each group more. There were now two air blades flying at each group of people huddled together. Kenta bursted out hysterically with laughter as he watched the blades approach the groups.

Kenta stood, hovering over the now rotting corpse of what used to be Karma. He saw the soccer ball roll and hit his foot, and a young child following closely behind. Kenta's eyes glistened as he stared at the boy. He peered at him through the two eye sockets of the mask. He began to smile, even though no one could see it. But it was not a smile of happiness, but a sinister smile of contempt. Kenta raised his sword manifested from the wind, and right as he was about to swing down on the child, he saw one of the members of the Amenoukashi heading right at him, in what he could only assume was an attack. Kenta looked at a different direction and he saw Reiha being attacked by another member of the same organization. From the other side, someone else attacking out of nowhere. And peering to the sky, he saw the foolish shinigami coming in for another attack. A blast of thought popped into Kenta's mind. Kill the kid, kill the ame, save Reiha, kill the two shinigami. Kenta knew that not even he himself was fast enough to do all of this.

With a fury of gusting wind, Kenta flew at Reiha, dodging the incoming threats and allowing the small boy to be saved from danger. He did not care much to kill the poor boy, but he needed Reiha for further uses. Kenta, now combining the speed of his shunpo, the speed burst from the wind, and his enhanced speed gained from the mask, and he tackled Reiha, bursting through the flames, using a small vortex of wind to shield him from the heat, and moving her out of the way of the vicious swing that would have befallen her if he had not done so. Instead of coming out with gashes, she would now just come out with a few bruises. Kenta moved Reiha far from the reach of the amenoukashi member. Kenta knew that he was the only real threat here after seeing his power. Quickly, he ran back to the battle field. His clothes were charred and smoking now from the flames. "I'm your only battle now." Kenta said to everyone. A rush of reiatsu grew around him as dark clouds began to form in the sky. The park grew dark, the clouds blocked out the sun. Sparks of lightning channeling through the clouds lit up the cloud for a split second, followed by the loud crack of thunder. Kenta's eyes were now glowing in the darkness, making him look even more sinister. "Now, you feel the full power of my zanpakuto" Kenta said, his voice was now deeper. He raised his hand and held it high above his head. Kenta smashed his hand to the ground, kneeling. A burst of light flew from the sky and struck the ground at the same time as his hand, lighting the sky up once again, but quickly fading back into the darkness, just like all light ends up doing at one point or another.

Kenta slowly stood back up. "This is where I kill you all" Kenta said as his hands began to glow a bright red. He held both hands out to his side, as red orbs began to grow in them, particle by particle. Kenta looked over at the foolish boy who dared try and attack him with electricity. "You will die first." He said, turning his body. "Cero." He said calmly, as he placed the base of each hand together, holding them horizontally. The two glowing, red orbs formed together as it shot out a blast of red light. Kenta was no fool, he knew that this would not be enough to finish him off. He formed a vortex of wind around the red beam, forming a sharp drill like effect at the tip of the cero. Raising his hand one more time, he brought it down, but not all the way to the ground, once again. The bolt began to swirl along with the wind.

"Don't think I've forgotten about you." he said, turning to the next shinigami with the mirror image. "You are next" He said with a cynical laugh. He slowly raised his right arm, the hand gently lagging behind as he brought it up with a snap. "Farewell" He laughed as wind began to spin around the tip of his finger. The speed of the wind grew faster and faster, soon causing friction and sending out sparks. "It has been fun." He spoke, shooting out a small bolt of electricity, flying right for Methias' heart, surely a fatal hit if it struck. Kenta was now laughing sadisticly. He turned to face Shizuru and the other member of the ame standing next to her. "You think you can protect them now?" He said manifesting his swords again. "Here is your last chance to run." He said as began to float up into the sky. Kenta could now see the battle field clearly. "Go run and get more reinforcements or your fate will be the same as his." Kenta said pointing down to the remains of Karma's body with his sword. Kenta then grasped both blades in one hand. With his other hand, he swept it across his body in front of him. A gust of wind with hurricane speeds began to blow. Trees began to be uprooted and debris was flying through the air. A giant tree was flying right for Shizuru.

"Now you." Kenta said turning to look down at the man who attacked Reiha. The winds he had conjured up had put out the flames that were surrounding him. He grasped his sword and once again had one in each hand. He swung them with extraordinary speed and power, sending air blades right at the man. They were relentless, two by two they were being sent out towards Veral. Kenta stopped swinging and lowered himself to the ground. "You... You will not escape me..." Kenta looked at Reiha who was far off from the battle field now. He signaled her to come back. He wanted her to enjoy in the pleasure of killing this man. Kenta was now panting from the excessive surges of power now being sent towards everyone. He had not used everything, he still had the stamina to keep fighting. Kenta waited for Reiha to return to his side before continuing his attacks.
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Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Finished)
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