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 Eneugi Tensai

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PostSubject: Eneugi Tensai   Mon May 31, 2010 1:34 pm

True Age: 540
Essentially what Enerugi looks like, although not seen is a cross shaped scar over his chest. He also wears a black scarf over his usual shinigami garments, sometimes using it to cover his nose and mouth during battles.
Personality: Due to his rather dark demeanor in battle, Tensai often gives of the impression of a cold, emotionless assassin with little or no care for his associates and fellow shinigami. In battle he is ruthless, incorporating deadly sword strikes, swift use of kidou spells, and various tricks in order to get the one up on his adversaries. He talks little when fighting, only making small comments here and there, never wasting much breath where it isn’t needed.

At first glance, his battle demeanor reflects that of his personality. To people he does not know or trust very well, he seems cold and biting while giving off an air of hatred. To this end, he may seem introverted or unstable to those who do not know him, and he may seem rude and biting at times. This is a result of his life in the Rukongai, he is habitually suspicious of those around him in case they would be less then truthful.

Despite these rather bad first impressions, Enerugi is truly a warm and cheery character, his battle image being only to cope with the stresses his job gives him. He employs a tough love approach to his subordinates in order to let them grow through experience, and frequently makes them dual each other, and even himself to properly hone their skills. He does care for them, however, and is willing to rush to their aid if need be. He is rather laid back, and spends most of his free time either resting his energy or playing board games such as chess.

Zanpakutou Name: Kageoni
Zanpakutou Apparel: In it’s sealed state, Kageoni takes the form of two separate katana, both of similar sizes. The sword he uses with his right hand has a dark green hilt with a cross shaped guard, while the sword used with his left hand had a azure hilt with a pentagram shaped cross guard. The swords are sheathed at each hip, opposite their respective sword hands, allowing for easy drawing. At the present time, Enerugi is the only wielder of a dual blade type zanpakuto, at least to his own knowledge. As sch, much of his practice on his sword style has been with self honing as well as studying captains of the past.
Zanpakutou Spirit:
with an undead appearance and a ghastly aura in the very air around it, the spirit of Kageoni is a terrifying and haunting thing to behold at first. the spirit speaks in a soft whisper, capable of sending chills through the spine of even the most vigorous of men with it's unsettling tone. Despite the haunting persona, the Spirt acts as a beneficial, if rather reluctant, guide to Enerugi, overing insightful advise when needing, and shutting up when it knows it should.
Zanpakutou Inner World:


Call Out Phrase: “Katsu Kyuuten” “Rip the Heavens”
Shikai Apparel:
The two swords turn into a pair of cleavers, like those depicted in the picture above. The swords maintain their individual hilts and guards. Enerugi has become masterful with the use of his blade, using it's overbearing shape to his advantage whenever possible. To some, his Zanpakuto may look like a melee type at first glance. Additionally, a smog like mist flows out behind his feet, acting like a second shadow around him.
Shikai Abilities: As Enerugi himself puts it, Kageoni allows him to use the shadows around him to his advantage. From his shadow or those he comes in contact with either physically or indirectly, he can summon numerous attacks with a variety of purposes. It should be noted that contact after the initial creation of the technique is not needed to sustain any of his moves.

Shadow Tendrils: the main attack of Kageoni, allows Enerugi to create tentacle like extentions from his shadow, the mist behind him, or a shadow he is in contact with. These shadows then follow their intended target, ensnaring and binding their target. Enerugi has complete mental control over his tendrils, using them to outmaneuver or to close in on distant opponents. However, there is a limit the number of tendrils he can have at any given time, which is at most 10 separate tendrils. However, the tendrils themselves are highly resilient and for the normal person only one or two tendrils are needed to ensnare an opponent.

Hidden Blade: By combining 6 or more tendrils together, Enerugi can make a blade thrust out from any shadow which he wishes to utilize. Although he can form this attack mid-air, he prefers to use it as a sneak attack, thrusting it out from either his own shadow or that of his opponents in an assassination strike. When produced from a shadow, the thrust of the sword is incredibly fast and powerful, with enough velocity to cleanly pierce a hierro and happening with enough speed to cause a delay between the attack and the nerves reacting to the pain. Enerugi can follow up with this attack by producing more tendrils from the base of his blade, forming a more effective bind on his enemies.

Shadow Manipulation: A seemingly more passive ability, Enerugi is capable of modifying the direction and length of his shadow, up to 15 feet. This allows numerous strategies to be enabled by his shikai, and has the effect of utilizing any shadow with which his own shadow overlaps. Enerugi considers this to be his secret trump in his abilities. Additionally, Enerugi can form his techniques if his swords are in contact with a shadow, even if he is not in direct contact with his swords.


Call Out Phrase: He merely exclaims “Bankai” before the release. However, the name is changed to “Burakku Kageoni” or Black Shadow Demon.
Bankai Apparel: Mostly the same, although the haze now emerges from his entire body, blurring his appearance and making it hard to track.
Bankai Abilities: Upon activation, the haze behind him rapidly expands, forming a massive dome of darkness, from which very little light enters. Inside the dome, the smog covers the entire area, enveloping the foe and preventing any light from escaping. because of this, any opponent inside essentially losses the abilty to see, and their movements become feel as if they are bogged down by the thick haze. The Smog is also covered in his reishi, although he is still somewhat detectable as the generator of this effect. His voice echos instantly along the entire sphere, making detection through this method while inside the dome ineffective. Enerugi, conversely, is unaffected, and is capable of moving normally, as if nothing happened. As his two swords are manifested separate of the bankai, he is completely free to use his abilities in an environment which gives him an incredible advantage over his foes. Another thing to note is that Enerugi is always the center of the dome, so it doesn’t sit in one place, but rather moves with him, making escape more difficult for the opponent. The dome can only move so fast, however, so long distance travel by way of shunpo creates a slight lag time between his and the sphere's arrival. the Haze lasts as long as Enerugi wills it, dropping only if he chooses so manually or if he he knocked out.

Back Drop

Background: Four hundred and forty two years ago, Enerugi Tensai entered one of the Rukongai’s poorer districts. His parents, both thieves, abandoned him at a very young age, so his care and raising was instead given to a local iron smith, one of the few good people in the district. The Iron smith, who Enerugi only calls “Dad” was able to instill morals in an otherwise lawless realm. At one point during his early years, a band of thieves broke into the Irons Smith’s house, crippling the Iron smith and taking all of his material items. Although he avoided most of the commotion, he saw the band leave, noticing that two of the thieves were his own parents. He then began to develop spiritual powers, out of the shame of his bloodline and his anger at the event. The Iron Smith saw this as an opertunity, and enrolled him in the shinigami academy the second he was of age, hoping that he would be able to secure himself a better life. In his early time there he seemed about average on all boards, only barely excelling in combat. One day, however, he met a female student named Hina Misamari, and came to admire her. Hina, being a prodigy, motivated him to excel past his peers for his family’s sake. From then on, Enerugi became a top student, adept on all levels, but most notably as an efficient swordsmen. One day, while training with Hina, a hollow was somehow drawn into the training grounds. While they both tried to combat the hollow, at that time they were too weak, and he barely avoided death, saved only by a group of lieutenants. Hina, however, was not so lucky, eventually dieing of the wounds inflicted on her. Hina’s death ultimately motivated the boy, who eventually graduated the academy at the top of his class. After Graduating, Tensai continued to excel, rising through the ranks before acquiring his bankai, and passing the captain’s proficiency test.
Side notes:
-Although he is capable of both shikai and bankai, Enerugi is more than capable of using his natural abilities, effectively making both the shikai and bankai trump cards against more powerful foes.

-Enerugi is ambidextrous; he can use either of his hands with equal proficiency

-Enerugi’s favorite food is soup, specifically ramen noodles.
RP Sample: (an old rp sample from when I first applied here. The character happened to have the same last name Razz)
Kouzou Did not like coming to the human cities. In his eyes, there was nothing pleasant anywhere around him, no trees for tranquility, no mockingbirds chirping pleasantly. Instead there clusters and clumps of humans and machines bustling about with their annoying yells and bangs. To make matters worse, everywhere reeked of what one could only imagine is a mixture of gas and some sort of waste, either human or other. In fact the only thing enjoyable about this city was leaving it, feeling your airways open up as you breath fresh air through you body and expel the crap previously substituting for your needed O2 count. kouzou would be able to achieve that sensation once he did his job.

If only it wasn't so hard. He could feel the faint spiritual pressure somewhere, but for some reason it was barely noticeable, like dirt in an ice storm. He had to continue his search however, so he ran around aimlessly, waiting for the presence to show itself a little bit more clearly. after close to an agonizing hour later, Kouzou finally sensed the Spiritual pressure of his target suddenly spark upwards, so he quickly adjusted his course to track down the menace. slowly closing the distance between him and his target, he sensed the spiritual pressure of his prey slowly rising.

He finally came upon a massive skyscraper located near the heart of the city, and sensing the spiritual pressure upwards, scaled the massive structure from outside. Moving steadily along the wall, they boy failed to see any people in this massive structure, something which troubled him somewhat. undeterred, he drew he sword and sped on upwards until he was three floors from the top of the skyscraper, where through the window he saw something that surprised considerably

standing there in plain sight was a hollow, a low level Adjuchas at most. surrounding it were the bodies of what Kouzou assumed to be the workers at the skyscraper, their souls used for substinance by the fearsome creature. What was most surprising about the Hollow was the powerful energy in its hand. In his haste, Kouzou failed to notice the powering up of what was to be a blast of cero aimed directly at him. Bracing for the blow to follow, the young soul reaper uttered a curse before the blast hit.

the blast quickly smashed through the glass and hit Kouzou head on, sending him flying from the towering structure. the hollow quickly chased after in pursuit, swinging madly at the soul reaper, who, still dazed by the surprise attack, had trouble keeping up the blocks. Eventually, the hollow broke through kouzou's defense, sending him flying through an empty warehouse roof, his last word before being covered being "Giragira." The Hollow, tying to keep it's advantage, lunged down into the warehouse, flying straight towards the debris, where it was grabbed by the silver aura infused hand of Kouzou.

"I think I've had enough of you" Uttered Kouzou before hurling the annoying adjuchas into the sky above. as the hollow continued his spiral upwards, Kouzou began to infuse his blade with his energy. this process continued until he had focused almost his entire amount into the steel, and watched the dot of the hollow slowly fall downwards. Suddenly, he made a massive swing with his sword, causing a menacing wave of energy to burst out of it. flying straight to the creature, the wave ripped it about upon contact, obliterrating it.
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PostSubject: Re: Eneugi Tensai   Mon May 31, 2010 1:41 pm

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Eneugi Tensai
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