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 Alexander Cristo

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Alexander Cristo

Posts : 17
Join date : 2010-04-29

PostSubject: Alexander Cristo   Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:20 pm

Advent Human Template

Base Info

Name: Cristo, Alexander
Age: 35
Personality: Alexander is a serious man. Highly religious, may be seen quoting the bible at times. He hates people slacking off and he hates people joking around. He is a to the point kind of person. Bluntly honest, and does not lie. If he cant tell you then he just wont tell you. His personality is cold and heartless. He could careless for those around him and wouldn't even notice if they all were slaughtered infront of him during a mission. He will complete him mission despite what it might be or what he must do. He plans for the worst case scenarios and never gives out an once of hope. He has no hesistation when it comes to pulling the trigger to end someone or somethings life. However he is not proud of his kills, he does not walk around bragging about it and showing off tropheys. He is the strong silent type. Obstucles he cant get past, he goes through. He typically is deployed as a solo unit and thus has no people skills at all. He has been trained to show no fear, fell no pain, and to do as ordered no matter what. He is the ideal solider. He feels that his works under god now, and that god sent him the one he works for. However over time he has opened up a little to a few people but is still highly socially awkward around people, especially women. He is an easy blusher and very socially inept.
Apparel: Eye Color: Green. Hair color/cut: brown hair in a buzz cut fashion. 7 foot 3 inchs tall with a large bulky frame made of muscle. He wears a cameo vest and pants with a white shirt underneith the vest. He has a scar on his left cheek and the knuckles on his fist are augmented so the bones point out like spikes. He wears military issued combat boots with shreaded steel cabling on the bottom of the show allowing for a lightweight yet strong defensive capability that can be used to block slashes but not stabs.

Name: Juggernaut
Effect: This is a constantly active ability. His physical strength and speed are off the charts. He has the ability to shatter buildings with a single punch and his normal running speed is the blur technique. His bones and skin have hardened due to his strength and speed to adjust to him punching a wall so the bones in his hand do not shatter. His skinned is hardened so he can block a sword with his forearm. However his forearms, hands, knees, and feet are the only things strong enough not to get cut. His shoulders, chest. neck, and face are easily diceable. Just so this is clear he is a tank. He is set up so his punchs and kicks shatter your bones and break your will. On a normal human one of his strongest punchs would punch a hole right through them. However he is not fighting normal humans he is fighting shinigami and hollow. Weaker shinigami get sent flying with multiple broken bones while normal hollows masks are shattered. A close relation to his strength and speed are that of arrancar. He could go into a knock-down drag out fist fight with an arrancar and stand a good chance of winning.
His only other abiility is to take his spiritual energy and form them into weapons. He can only form so many weapons at one time. Two one handed weapons or one two handed weapon. He can not however use any throwing weapons or things like bows and arrows because he cant mold the energy into a weapon if he shot it in the form of an arrow and it went 20 feet away.
So for the sake of summary his abilities are:
Strength Augmentation
Speed Augmentation
Endurance augmentation that will affect the body but will not be reflected in the stats
Weapon Creation with a finite amount of energy.

Background: The shinigami once protected earth and all the inhabitants. But when Cristo was brought into this world the bastards had abandoned them to die to the hollows. The hollows had raided his city and began whiping everyone out as they gorged themselves. And how were the humans to fight back against invisable enemies? Until the quincies arrived and fought back the bastard hollows, but the damage was done. Many families were left with few survivors if any. Cristo's was one of them. Thankfully the quincies noticed Cristo had a strange spiritual energy about him and took him to the school they had created to train people like him. He was raised from a baby to his adult hood in the school and risen in the ranks from student to teacher to eventually the head master of the school. Now that he has control of the school and the humans are amassing more forces then ever before, he is ready to take the fight back to the hollows, and to the shinigami who abandoned them...

RP Sample: Lotus
Sidenote: The cake is a lie
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Global Moderator
Global Moderator

Posts : 4
Join date : 2010-04-29

PostSubject: Re: Alexander Cristo   Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:14 pm

Looks good, but I was under the impression that characters can only be allowed one stat augmentation in their character. are these augmentations the same level as someone who only has one augmentation or are the stat boost divided up between them. Other then that this app is fine however.
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Alexander Cristo

Posts : 17
Join date : 2010-04-29

PostSubject: Re: Alexander Cristo   Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:45 am

Okay well the original way we had it set up was that one stat augmentation costs one of your skills and you can only affect one stat with it. So I have to give up 2 skills to augment two stats. However I cant give up one skill and augment 3 stats. Also the augmentation is worth half of whatever they have in their powers control area. Now if this was changed when we moved I dont know but if its still the same then my app should be fine
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Kenta Takeshi

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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Cristo   Fri Jun 04, 2010 10:43 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Cristo   

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Alexander Cristo
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