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 Sharu Kitsugi

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PostSubject: Sharu Kitsugi   Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:55 pm

Name: [Kitsugi Sharu]
Age: [32]
Personality: [A stubborn, firey-willed woman she can't help but fight for justice as she sees it because of how strongly she hates "evil" doings. Emotional abrupt and not at all shy about speaking her mind she can easily annoy someone with her talking without intending to.]
Apparel: [She may be 32 but she looks like she is 25 and loves to wear simple dresses. She always has her gun with her even when in a place she thinks is safe. Her hair is blonde and long so that it reaches past her shoulders and she loves wearing leather boots. She is almost always in a dress and her boots even when sleeping. As for her physic she looks like a slender girl with no muscle backing her. Which.. in this case is very true because she isn't physically strong.]
See this.

Name: [Tencho.]
Effect: [Space, and Energy manipulation.]
Weapon: [She uses a gun that fires bullets made of her condensed energy but she does not require it for her powers.]
Stages: Stage 1 : Zanko - In this stage the user can manipulate all forms of energy and even combine it with her own. this works wonders for creating barriers and healing the wounds of others as well as for combat situations. She uses this to mainly to fire her gun with energy from around her and is almost always in this stage unless sleeping.

Stage 2 - Tenka - In this stage the user can move matter within space at will. Basically allowing her to "teleport" other things to a different location within a area close to her as well as teleporting herself since she normally wouldn't have enough reiatsu this stage unlocks hidden reiatsu deep within her. Limitations to this - Obviously she cannot remove a weapon from someone's hand. that makes the defenseless. She can move other characters but cannot move them in a way that would cause them harm. ( Example - she CANNOT move the enemy character into the way of his own fired kidou or ability. But she could teleport a chara out of the WAY of such a thing.) Also there is a limitation on range. She may only teleport things or herself up to 50 yards. Further more she must be able to "SEE" what she is teleporting for it to work at all. This is basically a way to protect someone from being hit by something that could severely harm them or to escape from an unwanted situation.

Stage 3 - Renku - This is her ultimate stage and it drains her immensely after use. it has the power of the first two stages combine along with a new skill called Archangels Requiem - Where she basically forces a massive amount on concentrated reiatsu into her gun along with her own life energy and fires it in the sky where it then becomes like a "rain" of her own reiatsu that slams down upon the area where her target is. The only other benifit she'd gain from this stage is the fact that her reiatsu is now at its max making her healing and barriers formed by her energy at their strongest.

Back Drop
Background: [A normal girl who passed highschool and college with decent grades she never really found much interest in the world until she turned 13. At that age she found out she could manipulate energy and began to start seeing "things" which she later found out were hollows. Determined to stop these evil things she learned control over her powers and over time they grew stronger. Now she helps shinigami when she can on earth to fight and kill hollows. She ran the organization The Albatross Inc. in new york which was the Human Committee of Defense against Spiritual beings for about 6 years before wars battles and accidents in her life of work caused her to resign and move on to a less war-like position job at a different area.]

Stats - Normal Mode (non Combat)
Strength: 28
Speed: 100
Endurance: 27
Dexterity: 75
Intelligence: 20
Powers Control: 100

Total SP: 350

Stats - Battle Mode (First stage always constant in a battle)
Strength: 58
Speed: 130
Endurance: 57
Dexterity: 105
Intelligence: 50
Powers Control: 130

Total SP: 530

Stats - Battle Mode (Second stage always constant in a battle unless severely wounded)
Strength: 116
Speed: 260
Endurance: 114
Dexterity: 210
Intelligence: 100
Powers Control: 260

Total SP: 1060
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Kenta Takeshi

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PostSubject: Re: Sharu Kitsugi   Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:15 pm

Approved~ =D
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Sharu Kitsugi
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