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 Where she walks the detentions follow.(Open)

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Posts : 2
Join date : 2010-05-28

PostSubject: Where she walks the detentions follow.(Open)   Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:43 pm

Sharu was already pissed off because of the horrid state of affairs of the Committee and the fact she was..once again..their leader. But that moment was weeks ago. Now she is truely pissy because she is now also in charge of the new school for gifted humans.

"Kyle, Josh!" She yelled as she marched up the steps to see the two of them slacking off on the side railing skipping class. "Get to class now and I will see you in my office serving detention afterwards!" She snapped as she was already moving them using her powers through the door harmlessly while she herself moved through it.

"Go on now get to class!" She said as they both ran off. Her agenda was a bit more specific however. She walked own the corridors and visit'd the class of one Mr. Renzo. She got to the door and thought about walking in..but she didn't want to interrupt the lesson so she teleported into the left back corner...sitting down in a desk that was empty.

"now class.. your in here because you have an offense style power which can be dangerous to you and others if not learned to control." Renzo said in his monotone voice. "Lately we've been reading on how to control them..but now we're going to have a SAFE Drill in which we will try and control your powers to form them into a single object..such as a ball..or something that you can actually form. Don't feel bad if you cannot it merely means your powers are not ment for it. Anyone who cannot complete this lesson can come tell me and I will help you find a lesson your capable of doing."

Sharu looked around as the class seemed a bit anxious..some of them looked ready to do it..but the rest..looked scared.

"Now I'm going to use my power to tranform the class into a trainable safe zone for us to use. that is MY power among other things." Renzo said as he clapped his hands..and indeed the entire area turned into a green grassy field with hundreds of miles in every direction.

"Try to focus your powers into objects." Renzo said before he finally noticed that Sharu was even there. "Ah..ah.. your here?"

"Don't worry about me Renzo. I'm just here to help if it's needed. Some people are ambitious..some are simply too powerful for their own good." She said with a smile. It was true after all..some people were simply too powerful for their own good and needed help.
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Alexander Cristo

Posts : 17
Join date : 2010-04-29

PostSubject: Re: Where she walks the detentions follow.(Open)   Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:28 am

*The headmaster was walking calmly through his school. Where he walked, students parted like the sea would for moses. He heard muttering in the crowds as he passed, some talking about how he gave them a punishment they thought unfair, some talking about some of the missions he had completed in his younger days and some talked about things they made up about him. He didn't care a bit, if the kids loved him or hated him it did not matter, they were his family. Let someone even consider trying to attack his home and they would face the wrath of a monster that he has left sleeping inside of him. As his teachers taught him, the dragon on the battlefield can be as gentle as a breeze when off. He strode through the grounds wearing his headmaster robes when he saw one of the teachers, Sharu standing out of Mr. Renzo's class. When she disappeared Cristo figured it was to observe the class. He approached the door and heard Renzo say he was about to transform the class room into a safe soon. With a smirk Cristo moved at a speed keeping from being seen but stepping so softly he would not be heard as he entered the room seconds before the transformation. Moving continiously he eventually stopped directly behind Sharu with his back turned to her as a smile played on his lips out of amusement.

His deep voice suddenly rang out quietly to Sharu as to not spook the children as they were being trained. "So then, would you consider me ambitious or too powerful?" He was sure she would have known he was there but if not, then he should get a kick out of watching her jump a few in the air out of fright.
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Where she walks the detentions follow.(Open)
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