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 Gouki Hahashi

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PostSubject: Gouki Hahashi   Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:55 pm

Advent Human Template

Base Info
Name: Hahashi Gouki
Age: 45
Personality: An evil human with Warrior's mind. Relentless, Dark & Neutral Hearted and Power Mad which would best describe him. Gouki does have something calm about which he shows a kind side when he mediates near flowers or roses. He's arrogant and cocky during battle always letting his brute strength do the talking in his battles. His fighting styles in brutal and skilled putting complete focus in a battle when he chooses to. A dark person who like being alone in the world, Gouki doesn't really like talking to anybody unless it completely necessary. He just has a negative and quiet attitude but he something of an anti social loner a soul survivor just wanting to be normal after finishing his long lonely training. In short Gouki is a typical anti-social person and truthfully he sometimes he prefers to be this way. Still his gentle sort of way, he hopes one day to have a friend but really he afraid to open up to people. Yet something of his memory loss, Gouki will be quiet and silent and he'll won't talk to anybody for days even years maybe decades if he lives that long if needs be.
Apparel: Unknown; Nobody has seen him

Name: Kage Seishou
Effect: When he was a child, Gouki learn how to use this form of reiatsu making his own shadow dissapear and transforming it into reiatsu like energy which he can use quite often. The formation of this reiatsu starts when Gouki yells out "Kage Seishou" at that point his shadow stops in his track and then quickly it dissapears forming a black reiatsu aura which flows upon his body. Gouki calls it his shadow reiatsu form from his own hatred and pain. This shadow reiatsu can used for offensive, healing and defensive abilities. There no telling what it limit is because after coming back from hell the reiatsu started growing stronger everyday that Gouki trained with it
Stages: 1st Stage: Kage Manipyureito: Gouki's reiatsu can create different shadow attacks, shadow flying or styles for offsensive of defensive abilties. If he wanted to use a different styles of this tehcnique his speed will be doubled while drawing out shadow reiatsu energy to attack with.
- Kage Terekineshisu: Kage Terekineshisu is a technique that allows to manipulate objects and other people with the power of shadow reiatsu. The only problem to this ability is because it drains little blood from him while use the shadow telekinesis.
- Kage Hakushisune-ku: Gouko's can create a shadow snake from his reiatsu which can use heal or attack. If he wanted to heal the snake would transform into a snake woman called Sango then he would bite him or wounded character using some kind of healing venom to heal them or heal parts of of the body. If he wanted to attack the snake would fire exploding venom bombs from it's mouth with can do some damage to an enemy.
- Kage Bakudan: This ability the same power to kido technique or an shikai ability. He places his hands forward as if he were going to do a strong Reiatsu Bomb attack, only he forms a sphere of deep black energy that has another gray sphere inside it that turns black in the center and has red electricity flowing around it. If he charges the attack for a few seconds, it seems to take on a decagon shape, but most commonly looks like a circle. Once he fires it, it leaves a shot black trail of energy behind before it hits the target, very easily causing a medium nuke-sized explosion.

2nd Stage: Kage Seishouezenshin: The legacy of power. This is the ultimate form of his shadow reiatsu in which his shadow will turn over a small little spirit. As for Gouko much the shadow reiatsu will fuse upon his body transform into a strong brute warrior. Gouko's body have many tribal black tattoos upon his body also a pair a dark metal gauntlets will appear on his hands. The tattoos will glow glow dark purple telling his reiatsu is ready to be used. Gouko's strength, speed, reflexes and defenses and greatly enhanced & increased almost like an vizard or an espada. The best part about this in which he can use his sonido/shunpo ability to attack with or increase an attack with speed.
- Kage Manipyureito: Gouko's reiatsu can create different shadow attacks, shadow flying or styles for offsensive of defensive abilties. If he wanted to use a different styles of this technique his speed will be tripled while drawing out shadow reiatsu energy to attack with.
- Kage Sentou: Shadow energy will infused into his gauntlets with it can attack or break things whenever a punch from the gaunlet is deliver inlcuding hierro or kido abilities

Ultimate/Final Stage: Kage Messatsu (Shadow Annihilation): The final and destructive power of his reiatsu which can drain all of his blood depending on the strength of his enemy. Gouko will screaming in pain and many shadows will starts forming around the spirit until they form one big long shadow. The little shadow spirit will dissapear which Gouko will dissapear. Then a monster which his half human and half dragon the strange is four dragon heads uopon his backside with come out of then the human dragon will unleash a power shadow reiatsu bomb attack which maybe impossible to dodge for an opponent. This powerful shadow attack won't damage buildings or anything of that nature but it can hurt plants or animals or anything comes close to it massive blast radius. At the end of the attack the monster will start bleeding because of unleashing such an attack. But it can attack just five times (5 posts) before dissapearing using a bankai like sword and Gouko reappearing from the giant shadow with a whole lot of battle scars and scratches on his body

Back Drop
Background: Born in Scotland, England under the name Shizume Hajime from Medical Hava Hospital. Shizume's mother had a rare cancer which she died while giving birth to her son this cancer didn't spread into the child but actually it was prevented. Shizume's father was told about Foloshen syndrome the only way to counter this cancer from spreading into the child. He agreed and the Foloshen injection was giving and it saved young Shizume's life. But sooner or later his father will have to tell Shizume the full effect of what the injection was. But throughout his childhood Shizume grew up to be an intelligent kid which a vast knowing of knowledge within his mind. All because he couldn't watch television his father was strict about that thyat his education was more important then television. Shizume didn't really argue with his father he just wanted to see cartoons at the time but really his father was worried of when he was going to tell his son what happened to him at birth.

Throughout the ending of his childhood, Shizume loved readin things to understand there meaning then finally he started reading about syndrome. He came home to find his father crying he knows about his mother dying at birth but why he thought that dad had gotten over but it was something else. Finally his father told him the god awful truth about what happen to him seeing that his father was strucken with grief.
Shizume still cared about his father knowing that whatever decision was made it ultimately saved his life and yet Shizume lived what that decision. With behind him growing up, Shizume managed to finish both kindergarten and grade school moving onto high school. People still calling him little but sometimes it had it advantages yet during that highschool it led to some advantages that were kinda dangerous.

Then someone or something smacked him the worst thing was he could actually see it, was this some high school prank??? Because this wasn't funny he tried to attack it but the monster punched him hard and then looked at him getting ready to eat. The monster looked at him thinking he was too short and then flew off, Shizume though this was weird and what the hell just happen but Shizume's father wanted no part of this fearing the worst. He sent Shizume to one the place which the Scottish commnity recommended which was Karakura town which Shizume thought this would be the first time going on a trip.He said his goodbyes to all his friends even Jesenia which she didn;t like the fact that he was leaving his hometown because of one strange event. The airplane ride was kinda cool seeing that he was riding in first class which people treating you to meals, drinks, dessert being comfortable and a movie. Maybe this better living wasn't going to be at that bad, Shizume lefted the airport after his plane landed hoping to discover the better things in life but it only lead to more trouble that weird monster was terrorizing people on a airport.

But he was no hero until he saw Jesenia on another plane he was wondering if she followed him. It gave Shizume enough reason to help the people escape from the monster telling people to run away to safety. He didn't know what to do he just wanted to help the monster was rushing at Jesenia and he yelled then something happened with his hand it started to glow. He didn't have the time to see what it was but he attacked the hollow but the damn monster killed Jesenia. Shizume was heartbroken seeing her mangle body at that moment Shizume's heart was crush replaced with something evil. Years later, Shizume changed completely erasing his fears, likes and dislikes everything of his past had to be thrown away. Nobody knew what happened to him he never attended college or set out the goals that he wanted to accomplish something was on his mind and that was revenge. Gouki would sat up long hours of the day & night hoping his reiatsu would destroy anything that would come into contact with. He didn't know what his powers were capable of due his long training but if they were weak they he would train more to destroy & erase any weaknesses that his reiatsu has.

He kept on training for long years with his reiatsu powers making them deadlier, stronger even unbelievable.

During one of his battles, he managed to rip the soul from a shinigami. One of his friends wanted to know what happened and then he just walked away when are they going to learn. Shizume Hajime is dead, he died with his friend Jesenia. In his place was a deadly man...a dark human vowing to deliver punishment and death to whoever cross. Shizume is dead....the person known as Gouki Hahashi has taken over.

Side Note:

RP Sample: The Soul society has been wanting to question this guy for so many years of reasons of how he escaped Hell's Underground. After a soul enters Hell's dimension it can never leave but someone changed those rules bending them so to speak. After some shinigami were finished dealing with a human's evil spirit the gateway to hell started to open and the evil spirit was taken inside but the thing was the doors didn't close. Some shinigami were wondering what happen. The doors were open a human with dark spiritual powers was trying to escape the demons were trying to keep the spirit inside but it managed to regenerate a body fending off against the demons. The door was almost closing but with both hands the human kept the doors open making his getaway and finally making his way into Earth's realm. The gateway to hell started to close and then the shinigami couldn't believe the spiritual power upon this human it was immense. The shinigami tried fighting the human but with his quick reflexes and back breaker jiu-jitsu skills, he managed to break apart the shinigami with his bare hands.

Satan gave him another chance and he was going to make use of it. The dark lord wanted him to find out what was going on around Karakura, the Soul society and Las Noches those kind of things have caught his interest. The only way he going to get what he wants is to manipulate people and then when the time comes destroy them without any regret. The Soul society wants to send Gouko back to hell which is something that was never going to happen the thought of going back was something that may even scare him. Gouko's human pas is unknown the dark lord managed to erase everything about his feeling, his happiness, regrets even what he fears the most because where he became an ultimate human. Satan told him the cleaning fires of hell will not accept weakness everything that he fears and care about must be thrown away along with any past memories.
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Gouki Hahashi
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