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 Kenta Takeshi

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Kenta Takeshi

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PostSubject: Kenta Takeshi   Thu May 20, 2010 3:49 pm

Vaizard Templete

Basic Info

Name: Takeshi Kenta
Age: 25
Age: 800

Kenta has many split personalities, some that are secret and some that are public. The secret ones deal with his sadistic personality and his lust to kill all infidels, and the public is the side that he shows to his fellow Shinigami. First off, his Secret, sadistic personality. As stated before, Kenta is a very sadistic vizard. He goes around killing for the fun of it when no one is around. He enjoys seeing the drops of blood hit the pavement and the splatter of it everywhere when they are being slashed up. He sees it is an art form, much like paint splatters, but with blood. If blood ever spills on him, he usually licks it off slowly, savoring the taste of the opponent. He's gained this sense of sadism from the loss of his conscience after so many years of murdering people. He feels no regret for any crime that he has committed. Kenta is also very agitable. He always has a short fuse, and if you light it prepare for an explosion. He does not put up with people's crap and does not always follow orders. He likes to do things on his own time and will not do them immediately after being told for he sees that as having to do it on their time. He has gained this personality from dealing with so many "infidels" and so many incompetant people. He has grown tired of them.

However, Kenta would not dare reveal this side to the rest of his squad and his fellow shinigami. He wishes to gain their trust so they he can manipulate them and use them as is his will. He is very seductive, but not in a sexual manner. He seduces people with his kind face and soft voice. Everyone is attracted to his appearances and he uses this to his advantage. After he seduces them, he shows more of his faux side. He is constantly only thinking of them, at least when they are around. He gives them random gifts and expects nothing from them in return. When in public, he is the most selfless being out there. But deep down he only cares for himself and will only look out for himself, even if he has to take down his so-called "friends".

Zanpaktou Name: Tenrai Kami no Jigoku (Divine Wind of Hell)
Zanpaktou apparel:

The blade of the sword is long and a little jagged. The hilt of the sword is wrapped in a black cloth that hangs down a little making a tail for him to be able to swing it with. The hand guard is silver and covers the entire hand. It is engraved with the same fire emblem that is bestowed upon his hollow mask. The sheath is also black and is decorated with silver dragons circling around the sheathe, going all the way from end to end.

Zanpaktou spirit:
Zanpaktou inner world:


Call out phrase: Fuku Tenrai Kami no Jigoku
Shikai apparel:
The spear in the image
Shikai Abilities:

Kenta's Zanpakuto's power is to control the wind. However, he only has limited control of wind in his shikai form. When he calls forth the spirit of his Zanpakuto, a gust of wind begins to engulf Kenta's blade. The vortex lengthens and soon disappears revealing Kenta's spear.

Ketatamashii ittou no uindo (Piercing Blade of the wind):
This ability give Kenta a long-distance attack. When he swings his spear in the direction of his opponent, a blade of wind forms at the point of the spear, creating a scare like formation in the wind. As Kenta swings through, the "scar" is released and shot out towards the opponent. This attack is only as powerful as the swing for it, much like any other slahs from a sword.

Kago no Kame (Divine protection of the wind):
This ability allows Kenta to form a temporary shield around his entire body, a full 360 coverage. The shield blocks all incoming attacks. (Kidou, sword, flying debris) This allows Kenta to get out of a tight situation. This ability has another effect. Since it is an ability with swirling wind, anything that comes nearby the swirling vortex will be blown around and shot out when the shield is released.


Call Out Phrase: Bankai, Kyoufuu no makaze
Bankai Apparel: When Kenta releases his Bankai, his spear completely disappears and disperses withint the air. Kenta is left with no blade, but not defenseless.
Bankai Abilities:
Kenta retains all of the abilities he has gained from Shikai, but they are obviously going to be immensely stronger. Both his wind blade and his wind shiled increase in size covering more area and making it harder to either be dodged or to be attacked. However, there are a few more abilities Kenta gains while in Bankai.

Taiyou uindo no gouka (Solar Wind of Hell Fire):
This ability allows Kenta the control of fire, in a way. Much like solar winds which are a stream of a plasma ejected from the upper atmosphere of the sun, Kenta can use his enhanced wind to eject a stream of plasma at the opponents. The plasma forms at his hands, much like a cero blast. The way you are able to tell his cero attack from his Solar wind attack is that the solar wind is a brighter red which is almost blinding if you were to look directly into it.

Shuurai no Tlaloc (Lightning strike of Tlaloc):
Using the friction of air particles due to rapid air currents, Kenta is able to control lightning. When he uses this attack, Kenta points his finger to send out a single bolt of lightning, usually to the heart to create an instant death of his opponent, if hit right. Just using a single finger is the weakest form of this attack. If Kenta used the palm of his hand to shoot out the lightning, the magnitude of the attack is increased.

Eado-mu (Air Dome):
This ability is his final ability. It is very much similar to his Protective wind, but instead of only engulfing himself in a vortex of wind, this creates an arena, surrounding himself and his opponent, in a vortex of wind. This increases Kenta's wind powers and allows both himself and his opponent to defy the laws of gravity. However, this ability throws his opponent off from the loss of weight. Kenta uses this ability just to throw them off. It took Kenta a little while to be able to become use to the instant shift of gravity, so he is use to the light gravity and uses it to his advantage.

Hollow/Mask Abilities

Kenta's hollow mask is of course white. The top right of it has 3 different sized horns coming out the top of it. There is also a black fire emblem decorated on the right side of the mask around the eye, and going slightly up into the horn. The hollow mask has fangs that hang down on the bottom of the mask, there is no bottome jaw to it, leaving Kenta's chin showing at the bottom. The mask resembles a demon of hell with the fangs and horns on it.

Hollow Control: Class 1

Abilities: Seeing as how Kenta is a Captain in the 13 court Guard squads, he has knowledge of all of the kidou known to the shinigami. His favorites, however, are the kidou in the 90's, especially the 'Black Coffin'. In Secrecy, Kenta has been a Vizard for 300 years. From his many years of training his hollow powers, he is capable of a strong, wind enhanced, cero. Seeing that his cero was enough, he did not worry about any of the other hollow abilities.

Back Drop


Not much is known about Kenta's life as a human on earth, before he died. After he died and came to soul society he grew up on the streets alone in the Rukongai district. When he finally came of age, he began to feel different. He was now able to control his spirit energy. But he was not able to control very well, seeing as how he had no training for it at all. When he became angered, he would get a rush of spiritual pressure, knocking down others who did not have strong reiatsu. After realizing his abilities, he was sent to the Shinigami Academy by a friend of his. There, he was trained to control his reiatsu and was finally given his zonpakuto. He trained day and night with the zanpakuto trying to be better than the rest. He trained well with using the kidou powers. He is able to use each of them successfully with out the incantation now. When he finally graduated from the academy, Kenta took his place in the 13th squad, working his way up to Captain after many years of training.

But, before we get back to his present life, we must look at what he did and how he became the Captain of the 13th squad. After graduating from the academy, he, of course, was very low ranked within the squad. Being so weak displeased Kenta, forcing him to work harder and become stronger through the ranks. He trained night and day, rain or shine. One day, while he was in the forest training, years after graduating the academy, Kenta heard a voice speak to him. He did not know where it came from, or who it was. All of a sudden, he was in a different dimension. He appeared in this mystical place, the wind flowing through his hair and rippling through the blades of grass on the ground. The wind demon approached him. It spoke with Kenta, and challenged him to push himself to his limit. Kenta came out victorious, and Tenrai Kami no Jigoku saw him worthy to weild his shikai. It spoke its name to him. Now having the ability to use his shikai, he quickly rose through the ranks, proving his strength to others in his squad. Years after learning to control his Shikai, and its powers, Kenta obtained the power to use his bankai. Kenta trained with his bankai there after, practicing to fully control it. Being recognized now after achieving it, he was moved up to the rank of Captaincy.

Side notes: Kenta is a Captain of the 1st squad.[list][*]

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PostSubject: Re: Kenta Takeshi   Fri May 21, 2010 6:19 pm

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Kenta Takeshi
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