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 Roiben Yuuko, Shinigami [complete]

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Roiben Yuuko

Posts : 10
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PostSubject: Roiben Yuuko, Shinigami [complete]   Thu May 20, 2010 5:29 pm

Shinigami Template

Basic Info

Name: Roiben Yuuko
Age: Early 20's
True Age: 750
Apparel: Roiben has black, shoulder legnth hair. He has sapphire blue eyes with a serious but compassionate look to them. His facial features are soft, giving him a kind and approachable look, despite the fact he usually frowns. Roiben's body frame is thin, but muscular. The muscle in his arms aren't very big, but they are dense, giving him good stregnth while at the same time giving people the impression he's not very strong, which, in fights, he uses to his advantage. His height is 5'6", and his weight is 130 lbs.

His shinigami uniform has no sleeves. He carries his zanpakuto along his back, hidden inside his Haori. He also wears a black Haori with sleeves, and the 2nd division insignia on back in white, with the traditional haori markings at the bottom also present in white. The inside of the Haori is navy blue in color.

Personality: Roiben tends to be a very optimistic individual. No matter how bad the situation, he always looks at how much worse it could be. Also, despite having a very high IQ, he tends to base his actions off gut feelings, which seems illogical to most people of his IQ level. Roiben can tend to be very playful with an opponent in battle. He likes to mess with their head and see how long it takes to break them. He also tends to be a very unorganized and messy person. He's a very calm and composed person, almost never showing any hint of fear or worry.

Although at times he doesn't seem like it, Roiben is a very smart and analytical person. He can figure things out such as an opponents fighting style within the first few minutes of a fight by watching closely how they swing their sword, how they move their limbs, etc, allowing him to avoid an opponent the longer the contest lasts. He can also figure things out like riddles and puzzles without knowing much of the information.

To his friends, Roiben is a friendly person. He likes to joke around and entertain them. When a friend is upset, he'll take time to listen to their problems and offer them advice. To others, Roiben's demeanour can be presented as dispassionate and cold. Yet when in the midst of an adventure, Roiben can show remarkable passion. He is considered to be a loner by many and does not strive to make friends. However, the friends he does have, he keeps in tight company

Zanpakutou Name: Raimei [Thunder]
Zanpakutou Apparel: Roiben's zanpakuto unreleased takes the form of a nodachi with a black hilt. The guard is silver, and is in the shape of a pentagram. The blade is black with a white stripe 5 inches up the blade from the hilt. The sheathe is black, with white stripes around the top and bottom end. Roiben doesn't normally carry his zanpakuto with him, becuase of his ability to manifest the blade when he needs it. Roiben is the only Onmitsukido commander to not have a Wakizashi for a sealed form.

Zanpakutou Spirit: Roiben's zanpakuto spirit takes the form of a snow wolf with black fur. The wolf has two of its top fangs visible when its mouth is shut, and has blood red eyes. The wolf's tail is very long, and very bushy. When it's sitting, the end of the wolf's tail normally rests in between its front two paws. The avatar Roiben's zanpakuto spirit takes represents his bravery, stregnth, and courage. It also takes this form to show his firm belief in loyalty, as canines are the most loyal animals. The dark look of the wolf represents his fears, the pain he's felt, and his hate.

The personality of his zanpakuto spirit contrasts its feral appearance. His zanpakuto spirit is wise, and knows very well the art of combat, having been Roiben's primary teacher. However, when it was teaching Roiben, it was never straight foreward with him, instead giving him tests and puzzles which held the answers to his training.

Zanpakutou Inner World: The world of Roiben's zanpakuto, in it's true form, is nothing but eternal blackness in every direction, for as long as you can see and wander. When his zanpakuto world is like this, his zanpakuto spirit is practically invisible and only it's blood red eyes can be seen. Roiben's zanpakuto spirit can change the appearance of his inner world to relatively anything it wants. This was primarily used during Roiben's zanpakuto training, and again during his hollow mastery training.


Call Out Phrase: Crash, Raimei
Shikai Apparel: In shikai, Roiben’s zanpakuto becomes a dual wakizashi. The wakizashi keep the same appearance as his unreleased zanpakuto.

Shikai Abilities: Augmented Speed
Augmented Kidou
Shokko Mamorimasu [Shock Shield]: A barrier made of electricity comes in front of Roiben. It is very strong, and hard to break.
-Shokko Dangan [Shock Bullet]: When Roiben uses Shokko Mamorimasu, he can follow it with this technique, which fires a barrage of electrical bullets at his opponent from the shield.


Call Out Phrase: Hateshinai Raimei [Endless Thunder]
Bankai Apparel: In Bankai, lightning clouds roll in and six lightning bolts come from the sky and begin to circle the combatants. Electric discharges can often be seen around Roiben, created by his reiatsu. If an opponent is hit by one of the lightning bolts, they are stunned for a few seconds [for their next post].

Bankai Abilities: Augmented Speed
Augmented Kidou
Sugoi Shokko Mamorimasu [Great Shock Shield]: A barrier made of electricity forms all around Roiben. It is very strong, and hard to break.
-Sugoi Shokko Dangan [Great Shock Bullet]: When Roiben uses Shokko Mamorimasu, he can follow it with this technique, which fires a barrage of electrical bullets from his barrier in all directions, making it harder to evade.

Back Drop

Background: During his life as a human, Roiben was born in Japan, 1500 AD. He was born with abnormally high spiritual pressure, but not high enough to draw hollow. From a young age, his village were recruiting children to train to become ninja. After their time in school, they went to the dojo and studied the art of becoming a ninja. Due to their young age, they couldn't do too much physical training.

When Roiben turned seven, he left his general schooling to concentrate more on his ninja training and studies. Becoming a ninja and protecting the village was his dream. He spent much of his freetime helping his parents out around the house, and studying general education with his brother for a couple hours every night. Roiben couldn't wait until his training was complete. His parents would be proud of him, and he would bring honor to his families name.

By age ten, Roiben had done much more physical training than other kids his age. He was very flexible, but his age prevented him from becoming a full fledged ninja. There was still much training he couldn't undergo until he was older. It made him happy to see already how proud his parents were. He couldn't wait to see the look on their faces when he finished his training. Unfortunatley for him, his life would end before that could happen.

One night, a few months after Roiben's 10th birthday, an enemy village had seen them as a threat. Wanting to avoid an upfront war, they sent several of their most skilled ninja into the village to kill the young recruits, who were doing extra training in the dojo. By time the village ninja intercepted the enemy, it was too late. The recruits, including Roiben, had all been slain. One of the assassins had left something behind. A village emblem. The slaughtering of these recruits would not go unpunished. War broke out between the two villages.

Roiben's spirit roamed the earth after his death. He was unable to accept the fact he had never realized his dream. While living on earth as a spirit, he watched the battles of the war as his village destroyed the other village. However, Roiben had an unexpected visitor, a hollow. Being his first encounter with a hollow, Roiben had no clue what the monsterous being was and ran from it. The hollow stayed in close pursuit of him. Before the hollow could catch him, a shinigami that had been nearby eliminated the hollow. The shinigami performed a konso on Roiben, sending him to the soul society, were he would have a second chance at reaching his dream.

In the soul society, Roiben was sent to rukongai district 76. Life in the lower rukongai districts was always hard, especially for someone of Roiben's age. However, unlike most spirits, Roiben remembered his life as a human. Roiben carried a kunai on him in case someone attempted to rob him. As tough as life could get, somehow he managed to survive.

Several years later, the tough life of Rukongai had begun to catch up with the young Roiben. He was lying on a street, passed out. Most people who saw him ignored him. However, one woman saw him and felt bad for the child. She carried him to her place and gave him food. When she inquired about his parents, he told her the story of his life on earth, his death, and his life in the soul society. Having no children of her own, the woman, named Asuka Yuuko, took him in to live with her as her adoptive son.

Life had become much easier for Roiben after Asuka took him in. Food was no longer an issue for him, there were children his own age for him to play with, and he now lived in Rukongai district 5. District 5 had a very low crime rate, and was very prosperous. He also started working on his ninja training again, wanting to be able to protect his adoptive mother if the need came. He was happy, but he often thought about his life as a human. He missed his parents, and his sensei. For the next 150 years, life was enjoyable for Roiben.

When Roiben was equivilant to the human age of 14, a shinigami showed up at Asuka's residence and asked her if she would allow Roiben to enter the academy. During his time in the soul society, his reiatsu had grown, and word reached the academy about a ninja boy with high reiatsu from rukongai district 5. As badly as Asuka wanted him to stay, she left the decision up to him. As badly as he wanted to stay with Asuka, he also wanted to become a shinigami. He got out of the lower rukongai districts easily, and as a shinigami, he knew he'd be able to help those who didn't have the good fortune he had. Asuka understood and respected his wish. After spending one more week together, Roiben said goodbye to the woman who had been a mother to him, and promised to visit often.

Upon his entrance to the academy, Roiben took Asuka's last name as his own. His abilities were tested by a group of the teachers. Due to his previous training as a ninja in his human life, and his continued training in the soul society, he was placed in the advanced class. During his first couple years, Roiben showed a lot of promise with kidou, and his skill with shunpo. Despite being a trained ninja, his skill in hand to hand combat is very low, and found it difficult to train in hand to hand. His skill with a zanpakuto was average. He had been trained with weapons, but had not lived to make it to katana training.

During his third year in the academy, his class had gone on their usual dummy hollow training. Most of the students hadn't ever encountered a real hollow. They often asked Roiben was a real hollow was like. Roiben described the fear he felt, facing an unknown monsterous being. Roiben knew it would be a fear he would have to get over eventually if he wanted to become a shinigami. During the training, the dummy hollow lured a real hollow to the location. Roiben worked with a group of sixth year students to purify the hollow. They successfully purified the hollow, but two of the students lost their lives in the battle.

For the rest of his time in the academy, Roiben did more studying as he focused mainly on his training the first three years. His progress had come along better than most of the class, in part due to his training as a human. In his fifth year in the academy, Roiben was given a chance to take the graduation exam early, and passed with flying colors. He went through the process of creating his zanpakuto, which formed as a nodachi. He was then placed in the onmitsukido, being the only onmitsukido member to have a nodachi.

In the onmitsukido, Roiben was a seated officer placed in the maggots nest. The current captain of the maggots nest was Yoruichi Shihouin, daughter of the Onkitsukido commander in chief and heir to the Shihouin clan name. She was different from most nobles. She was very laid back, despite her nobility. Her second seated officer, Kisuke Urahara, often went around and helped out the new recruits with their jobs. Most of the time, though, Roiben didn't need help with his duties, which caught Urahara's attention. Urahara began to bring Roiben with him to the Shihouin mansion during his freetime, were they spent time hanging out. They also spent time training together under Sokyoku hill, despite the power gap between the two. It was during one of these training sessions were Roiben learned his shikai. At the manor, he often helped Urahara with his research. With some of his ideas, Urahara guessed his IQ was as high as his, if not higher. As promised, Roiben also went to visit his mother in his freetime.

On earth, a group of humans had learned to manipulate reiatsu and gained spiritual powers. These humans were known as the quincy. However, their spiritual powers didn't purify hollow. Instead, they destroyed the soul. The shinigami knew this would eventually throw the balance of the world off and bring upon an apocalypse. The shinigami tried several attempts at reasoning with the quincy, but they wouldn't listen. The shinigami were left with no choice. They sent in the Onmitsukido to eliminate the quincy race. It was something that would haunt Roiben for the rest of his life.

100 years after the destruction of the quincy race, Yoruichi replaced her father as the onmitsukido commander in chief, and had also become captain of the second division, merging the two forces. Kisuke Urahara had also recieved a promotion to the 12th division captain. Roiben was 6th seat of the second division, and 2nd seated officer in the maggots nest. Urahara visited Roiben one day before picking up Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who was to be his vice president in his newly formed Shinigami Research Institute. Aside from this, because of their duties as captains, he didn't see them much, aside from official reasons.

10 years later, a terrible incident occured overnight. Several captains and vice captains had gained taboo hollow powers. Not only that, but Urahara, Yoruichi, and Tessai, commander of the kidou corps, were exiled from the soul society. Roiben couldn't believe they were all traitors, but all evidence pointed toward it. Roiben hoped their names would be cleared one day.

90 years after their exile, a group of ryoka infiltrated the soul society. Roiben was the fourth seat of the second division, and captain of the maggots nest. He was on duty in Karakura town at the time, and knew nothing about the invasion. He ran into Urahara, who explained what really happened that night. As farfetched as the story seemed, he knew his old friend wouldn't lie to him. Urahara had begun to train him some more, mainly in kidou use. Roiben wanted to see Yoruichi, but Urahara explained to him about the invasion and Aizen's plans, and Yoruichi's involvment in helping the Ryoka. After the invasion, Yoruichi returned, and helped training him in mastery of the flash step. They continued to help train Roiben until they were needed in the battle with Aizen. While they were away, Roiben learned his signature technique, shadow step. He also learned a technique to compress reiatsu and create ninja tools. After the war with Aizen, Roiben returned to the soul society. Because of his increased strength and new rechniques, he was promoted to 3rd seat.

For the next 50 years, Roiben decided to put his IQ to some use and start learning to study an opponents fighting style. Being able to so that would give him a good advantage in battle. His favorite way of training like this was following his vice captain Marechiyo around playing a tuba. When Marechiyo got pissed and attacked him, Roiben would study the way his body moved, and things of that manner.

Roiben and his zanpakuto spirit were close, and it was finally time for him to train for his bankai. He was drawn into the world of hia zanpakuto, and had to fight himself in order to obtain his bankai. His other self showed him there was a lot more he could do with his abilities than he knew he could. However, this caused him to think about his fighting style, and used a chain of combo's to defeat his inner self. Although he learned his bankai, it was going to take him another 10 years to master. 40 years after mastering his bankai, Roiben was tested to join the onmitsukido by the new captain-commander, Kenta Takahashi. He was granted the position.

Side notes: Instead of being a master of hand to hand combat like most Onmitsukido generals, he prefers to master in kidou. Also, he has been trained by Yoruichi in flash steps, her being the only one superior to him while performing them.

RP Sample:
Not how I typically role play, but when role playing with someone else that good, here's what I can make happen.

Last edited by Roiben Yuuko on Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:14 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Alexander Cristo

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PostSubject: Re: Roiben Yuuko, Shinigami [complete]   Mon May 31, 2010 3:22 am

Roiben, your my friend so I can say to you, not just no, but hell no.

There are really powerful lightning based kidou so this auto use crap is not gonna happen. The auto use 90 and under is no. I cant allow that and you know its pretty cheap. Also a shikai move thats more powerful then ichigos cheap getsuga tenshou is kinda crazy...
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Global Moderator
Global Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Roiben Yuuko, Shinigami [complete]   Mon May 31, 2010 1:05 pm

I agree with Cristo on the auto kidou. Characters said to be masters of kidou such as Aizen, Urahara and even the captain commander are frequently stated to be unable to use a kidou's full power without an incantation. a Shikai that contains free use of lightning based kidou(which are already plentiful in the bleach world) is overdoing it a bit much.

as far as your other attack goes, I think he means that the shikai version of the attack is as strong as ichigo's shikai getsuga and Bankai version with Ichigo's bankai version. With the attack having to be charged for a turn before use I can understand why the attack would be comparable, but I think I'll leave the final say on that to Cristo.

Otherwise your app looks quite fine. your history prsonality and history all look good, and your rp sample passes as well, just fix the few problems and you'll be fine
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Roiben Yuuko

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PostSubject: Re: Roiben Yuuko, Shinigami [complete]   Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:38 pm

Yeah, I can see were you guys are coming from, i've just been role playing with god modders before the site opened, so I got a bit carried away with the abilities.
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Alexander Cristo

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PostSubject: Re: Roiben Yuuko, Shinigami [complete]   Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:50 am

If you want to go back to the ability to make ninja gear or come up with some other beast ability just post on here when you made the changes.
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Roiben Yuuko

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PostSubject: Re: Roiben Yuuko, Shinigami [complete]   Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:15 pm

Alright, changed up my shikai and my bankai
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Kenta Takeshi

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PostSubject: Re: Roiben Yuuko, Shinigami [complete]   Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:22 pm

Well, I don't really see a problem in the abilities now. Approved. ^-^
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PostSubject: Re: Roiben Yuuko, Shinigami [complete]   

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Roiben Yuuko, Shinigami [complete]
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